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Teri Meri Doriyaann: Jasleen accuses Sahiba of having Garry's blood on her hands

In the upcoming Teri Meri Doriyaann episode, accusations fly as Jasleen blames Sahiba for Garry's death and Seerat and Angad for an alleged affair.

Published: Wednesday,Aug 30, 2023 08:01 AM GMT-06:00
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Teri Meri Doriyaann

Tonight's Teri Meri Doriyaann episode starts with Simran comforting Sahiba (Himanshi Prarashar) and Angad (Vijayendra Kumeria), urging them not to cry. Santosh remarks on the perpetual lack of peace in the Brar family. After performing Garry's (Tushar Dhembla) last rites, the Brar family returns home. Santosh tries to console Jasleen, who is visibly upset. Jasleen accuses Sahiba of shedding fake tears and expresses her reluctance to have Seerat (Roopam Sharma) participate in Garry's last rites. Santosh questions this decision, reminding Jasleen that Seerat is Garry's wife. Seerat confirms that Garry had no plans to return home.

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Conflict Unveiled:

Santosh inquires why Seerat was excluded from Garry's last rites. Jasleen accuses Sahiba of being responsible for Garry's death and implicates Angad as her accomplice. She blames Sahiba for Garry's eviction from the house, igniting a heated argument. Angad defends Sahiba, asserting her innocence and reminding Jasleen of Garry's attempt to frame Sahiba and harm her. Jasleen accuses Sahiba of exposing Garry's misdeeds. She also alleges an affair between Seerat and Angad, which the Brar family vehemently denies. Sahiba confronts Jasleen, offering an apology if Jasleen believes she caused Garry's death. She asks if there's anything else she can do. Jasleen grabs Sahiba's hand, alleging blood on her hands for Garry's death, and shows it to the Brar family. Angad intervenes, but Jasleen pushes Sahiba, causing her to fall and injure her shoulder. Angad helps Sahiba, while the Brar family defends her, affirming her innocence.

Jasleen's Ultimatum:

Jasleen insists that Sahiba and Seerat be removed from the house if Santosh has any dignity left. Angad defends his in-laws, asserting their right to stay in the house as daughters-in-law. Santosh and Ajith decide to take Seerat away from the house, not wanting her to endure further suffering.


In the preview, Sahiba hugs Angad and informs him that their relationship is limited to her. She hands the house keys to Jabjyot, indicating she can no longer bear the responsibility. Jabjyot questions her departure, and Sahiba suggests asking Angad. The precap ends with Sahiba leaving the Brar mansion.

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