Teri Meri Doriyaann: Garry questions Sahiba if she still loves Angad, and she remains silent

Teri Meri Doriyaann written update, 16 April 2024: Garry and Sahiba, Garry probes whether Sahiba's feelings for Angad still linger, to which she responds with silence. Read on to know more.

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Tonight's Teri Meri Doriyaann episode opens with Garry (Tushar Dhembla) warmly wishing Sahiba (Himanshi Parashar) a happy Baisakhi. Sahiba, somewhat apprehensive, inquires if Angad (Vijayendra Kumeria) sent him. Garry firmly denies any such direction from Angad, explaining that he happened to see Sahiba at the Gurudwara and followed her here out of concern. Sahiba, clearly unsettled, urges Garry to go to Angad. Garry, however, reveals that he's aware of the truth from Simran, having witnessed Sahiba both in Ludhiana and here, and expresses his intention to take her back home. This revelation causes Sahiba to drop the pot she was holding, signalling her distress. She firmly asserts that her ties with Angad are severed and implores Garry to leave.

Meanwhile, Manbeer and the Brar family express concern for Angad's well-being and make the decision to travel to Panesar to check on him. Harmeet, however, hesitates, offering no clear reason for her reluctance but ultimately accompanies them, unable to articulate her reservations.

Amu and Angad's encounter:

Back with Garry and Sahiba, Garry probes whether Sahiba's feelings for Angad still linger, to which she responds with silence. The arrival of Akeer, Sahiba's son, surprises Garry. In another setting, Manbeer and Jasleen reach Angad's location, where they learn about his recent accident. Angad downplays the incident as minor, expressing concern for their safety in making the journey alone. Jasleen tells Angad they're not alone. Amu arrives, her dupatta caught on a plant. Angad helps her, prompting her to thank him and gives him a rose for Baisakhi. They exchange greetings, acknowledging their long separation. Manbeer and Amu's parents are happy to see them together. Angad invites Amu's family to join them for a Panesar Ka Baisakhi lunch in Ludhiana, and they accept.

Angad and Akeer's bond:

During lunch, Angad's phone rings, prompting him to invite Garry to join them. Amu presents Angad with a thoughtful gift, indicating her enduring affection for him. As they reminisce about their shared past, Garry's sudden appearance raises questions from Jasleen regarding his earlier departure without knowledge of Angad's accident. Angad excuses himself momentarily to attend to work matters.

Later, Akeer enjoys a meal at Daljeet's stall, where Angad surprises Akeer with his arrival. The warmth of their interaction is palpable, with Angad joining in the festivities. Daljeet extends his hospitality, offering Angad a taste of his special Baisakhi lunch. Akeer, curious about Angad's new car, accepts his offer for a ride, with Sahiba observing from a distance, her emotions concealed.