Teri Meri Doriyaann: Daljeet prepares to propose Sahiba; Sahiba to reveal Angad's truth

Teri Meri Doriyaann written update, 10 April 2024: Daljeet indicates a desire to talk to Sahiba, and she reciprocates.

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Teri Meri Doriyaann: Daljeet prepares to propose Sahiba; Sahiba to reveal Angad's truth
Daljeet and Sahiba from Teri Meri Doriyaann. Image Courtesy: Star Plus

Tonight's Teri Meri Doriyaann episode commences with Sahiba (Himanshi Parashar) expressing her concern to Daljeet (Yogendra Vikram Singh) about sending Akeer with Angad (Vijayendra Kumeria), fearing he might say something inappropriate. Daljeet reassures her, stating that he taught Akeer how to behave with Angad and hopes they will become good friends. Sahiba admits her dislike for Angad while Akeer asks Angad to wash his hands, prompting Angad to reminisce about his past with Sahiba and restrain himself from acting out in front of Akeer.

Meanwhile, Daljeet notices Sahiba accidentally moving the candles and checks on her well-being. Sahiba snaps back to reality, and Daljeet inquires about Akeer and Angad's whereabouts.

Angad gets emotional:

Angad extends birthday wishes to Akeer, who expresses gratitude. Daljeet urges Angad to join the celebration, and Sahiba, distracted, burns her hand with a matchstick. Akeer expresses a heartfelt wish for his family's happiness and makes a subtle remark about not staying where his parents aren't respected, which makes Angad realize Akeer's involvement in a previous science competition. Akeer feeds cake to his parents, and Daljeet encourages him to do the same for Angad, hoping for their bond to grow. Sahiba silently hopes Akeer won't emulate Angad but rather Daljeet. She then instructs Akeer to share the cake with his friends.

Daljeet notices Angad's emotional state and questions him, to which Angad vaguely responds, hinting at a past heartbreak. Daljeet expresses his emotional nature, citing his act of offering Rs 50,000 to a stranger. Sahiba counters by reminding him of the hard work he put into acquiring that particular cycle. She urges Daljeet to consider the consequences if the organisers reject Angad's offer.

Sahiba to reveal her past:

Daljeet pulls Sahiba aside, expressing disappointment at her treatment of their guest and defending Angad's attempt to make amends. He privately confides in Angad about his feelings for Sahiba, planning to propose to her with the ring he gave him. Daljeet admits feeling nervous. Later on, Daljeet probes Angad about the absence of a significant other in his life. Angad remains silent in response. He decides to excuse himself from the situation and departs. Contemplating quietly, Angad ponders the complexity of loving someone like Sahiba, who seemingly can effortlessly dismantle her own marriage and transition forward without much difficulty.

Twinkle initiates a game of musical chairs, and as Akeer plays the music, Angad and Sahiba exchange glances, reminiscing about their past. Daljeet expresses to Sahiba that he has something to share with her. In response, Sahiba also indicates that she has something she wishes to tell him.

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