Teri Meri Doriyaann: Angad urges Seerat to apologize to Sahiba

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Teri Meri Doriyaann, Angad and others suggest that Seerat should also apologize to Sahiba, which she does, loudly and clearly.

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Teri Meri Doriyaann

In tonight's Teri Meri Doriyaann episode, Angad (Vijayendra Kumeria) expresses to Seerat (Roopam Sharma) that discussing the issue is causing him emotional pain. He compares his feelings of betrayal from Seerat's actions to the pain he felt when she left him at the mandap during their wedding. He believes her actions were manipulative and not in line with true friendship. He admits he was foolish not to see her ulterior motives.

Seerat defends her actions, stating that they are blowing a small mistake out of proportion, claiming that she didn't intentionally harm anyone. Sahiba (Himanshi Parashar) disagrees, saying that what Seerat did was a sin, not a mistake, as she attempted to separate Angad and Sahiba through a malicious plan. Seerat justifies her actions by saying she fell in love with Angad, especially after being abandoned by her husband and his subsequent death.

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Angad reminds Seerat that he had informed her of his marital status and that there was no chance for them to be together, but she continued her selfish pursuit. He emphasizes that true love involves sacrifice. Sahiba believes that Seerat's actions were motivated by her hatred for Sahiba, and Seerat's actions confirmed her suspicions. Seerat insists that her love for Angad is genuine and explains that Manbeer, Angad's mother, approved their relationship.

Manbeer is shocked by this revelation. Japjot criticizes Seerat for her actions and questions her understanding of the situation. Jaspal also condemns Seerat for trying to disrupt Angad and Sahiba's lives despite the support they provided her. Jasleen expresses her belief that Seerat must have committed heinous acts. Akaal adds his disapproval, stating that they will never accept Seerat as Angad's wife and that they are not comfortable with Manbeer's decision.

Manbeer regrets her decision to accept Seerat into their family and declares she can no longer support their relationship. Sahiba recalls Angad's proposal and looks at him. Seerat presents divorce papers to Angad, which causes a stir. Sahiba claims she didn't intend to sign them. Angad questions Sahiba's intentions, and Inder reveals that Manbeer forced Sahiba to sign the papers against her will.

Manbeer defends her decision, arguing that Sahiba and Angad's relationship is already dead, and she merely wants to make the divorce official. Angad questions Sahiba's trust in their relationship, and Seerat joins in, suggesting that Sahiba doesn't trust him. Sahiba explains that she was devastated when she believed Angad loved Seerat and made the decision to separate from him. She feels guilty now that she knows the truth. Angad challenges Sahiba, questioning why she didn't express her doubts to him earlier. Seerat attempts to intervene, but Angad silences her. Seerat apologizes to Angad. Angad urges Seerat to apologize to Sahiba. Jasleen and others suggest that Seerat should also apologize to Sahiba, which she does, loudly and clearly.


Precap: A man recognizes Angad as Sunny Sood and mentions his engagement to one girl and marriage to another. Sahiba questions Angad about this, leading to confusion about his identity as Sunny Sood.

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