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Teraa Surroor: Movie Review

Director:Shawn Arranha;Cast: Himesh Reshammiya, Farah Karimee, Kabir Bedi, Naseeruddin Shah, Pankaj Kapur and Monica Dogra; Ratings: * (1/5)

Published: Friday,Mar 11, 2016 12:56 PM GMT-07:00
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We have no words to describe this substandard movie but still we will try our best to convey our opinion to you!


A love story with a villain and some Himesh Reshammiya muscle show!


The movie starts with the song 'Tera Surroor' and with the pictures of Himesh and Farah Karimee in the background.

Himesh Reshammiya who plays the character of Raghu is a gangster and his lady love 'Tara' played by Farah Karimee. When both are about to get married, Raghu confesses that some unfortunate things happened between him and a bar girl. Well that breaks their 'Shaadi' and she flies down to Dublin, Ireland.

Here the story takes a turn as 'Tara' gets arrested in Dublin for carrying drugs with her. Then there is a Heroic entry of 'Raghu' and the whole story revolves around how he tries to get 'Tara' released from the jail. Though they eventually escape from Dublin police with a great plan! (Well at least that's what the movie wanted to convey).

About the actors:

Well this is the must read section!

Himesh Reshammiya didn't miss a single chance to flaunt his muscle cuts! In the whole movie you can see a same look on his face. Talent bro!

It was like we are watching a slide show of Himesh Reshammiya's pictures shot in Dublin, Ireland.  The dialogue delivery by Himesh "Kyaa Khoob" (Sarcastically)!

Farah Karimee! Well she at least did some acting if we compare it with Himesh's act. But just like Himesh was flaunting his muscles the actress was flaunting her Belly! And nothing more to say!

Shekhar Kapur, a short role of this great actor, though he acted normally but in a movie with no acting it felt like Mashahallah!

Naseeruddin Shah, another talented actor wasted his skills!

Tara's mother was played by Shernaz Patel; Monica Dogra plays the character of 'Tara's lawyer and actor Kabir Bedi plays the role of Mumbai police Commissioner. These all have turned out be the good addition in the movie.


All the songs are from Himesh's previous movie 'Aap Ka Suroor - The Real Love Story' and just a few additional new songs, that's it. After every ten minutes you will hear a song and visuals of Himesh and Farah standing at different locations.


Go watch if you are a Himesh fan or other reason would be, if you want to laugh hard!

Rating: * (one star) : The star is dedicated to all the supporting actors.

Omkar D Sawant

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jasmeet92 6 years ago The story of the movie is not good but Go watch if you are a Himesh Reshammiya's fan.
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ChickenSoup 7 years ago Why the hell is Himesh doing movies? Who told him he can act??? He should just stick to music only!! His acting sucks!
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