Telly Buzz Celebrates Women's day

TellyBuzz brings you a special feature on Women's day along with Ami Trivedi, Narayani Shastri, Simone Singh, Tina Parikh, Dimple Jhangiani, Sudha Shivpuri and many more...

A puzzle waiting to be solved, and yet has the answers to everything. Complex, yet her tears say it all. Someone who maintains the perfect balance between what she needs yet meeting everyone else's demands at the same time. She can bow her head down to compromise in any situation, yet can get head-strong to fight against all odds to stand up for herself. Humble yet filled with pride; She laughs when she actually wants to break down, sings when she wants to suppress her anger. She’s a mother who’s the pillar of strength for her children, a friend with strong shoulders to cry on, a lover who loves unconditionally. She is a True Woman.

The Telly Buzz team brings to you a special feature on Women’s day, where a few women of the small screen, stand up for womanhood, and pay a tribute to the ones they idolize and urge everyone to go that one extra mile to make this world a beautiful place..

Ami Trivedi:
One Woman you idolize: I generally don’t idealize anyone. But in many matters, I idealize my mom a lot, she’s a senior actress from the industry and I’ve always looked up to her for how well she balances her work and family.

Your take on women being equal to men: : Women today have left men way behind, and have moved on…

Message: Love your self and love everyone around you.


Tina Parikh:

One Woman you idolize: There are lots of women I look up to. There is Shabana Azmi who works for the well-being of others. Then I respect Bhanu Didi, the sister of Shri Shri Ravishankarji, she is one lady who smiles for others, and works round the clock just to make others happy.

Your take on women being equal to men: I have always felt that women never needed the status of being termed as equal to men. Women have been doing all the things that they want to, and we do not need this status at all to prove what we are.

Message: As I usually say, we need to believe in what we do and I am sure we will be up there on the top of the ladder.


Simon Singh:

One Woman you idolize: Many women have made their marks in many genres. It’s hard to pen down just one.

Your take on women being equal to men: Most certainly, women have made their mark. I guess that says it all.

Message: Let’s work together and make this society a better place, where we won't need just a single day to celebrate womanhood, peace and love.

Narayani Shashtri:

One Woman you idolize: No one really.

Your take on women being equal to men: Women in India haven’t been given the title of equality yet. No matter what they do, women are always suppressed. It’s going to take a while before women actually start getting the recognition they rightly deserve.

Message: Work towards leaving your mark in the society.
Sudha Shivpuri:
One woman you Idolize: Mother Theresa

Your take on women being equal to men: Yes, women have made their mark in every field. In my days women were not allowed to work. We weren’t given any freedom what so ever. Girls only had to live their life trying to be perfect brides. But now the whole situation has changed a lot and it has changed for the better.

Message: Women have progressed in every field. I would like to tell everyone that do the best in everything you do, but don't lose your inner character. Maintain your dignity whenever you work, understand your family and respect everyone and anything you do.


Dimple Jhanghiani:

One woman you Idolize: Mother Theresa

Your take on women being equal to men: Men and women are treated equally now a days and they have made their mark in each and every field. Yes there are certain things that have not changed against women but the situation is far better than before.

Message: We should keep doing good things and like we celebrate other festivals, we should celebrate women's day by doing some social work or some good deeds.


Priya Badlani:
One woman you Idolize: It's going to be hard to pick my favorites. On a personal note, I would have to say, I idolize my mom. She has been a complete strength to me whenever I’ve needed her.

Your take on women being equal to men: I really don’t understand why are we even trying to compete with men. We are different, and we have our own place in the world. And we just enjoy that.

Message: We’re different and let’s make the most of it. Wishing you all a very Happy Women’s day.
Reporter: Srividya Rajesh, Ranjini Nair, Hiral Anju Bhatt
Author: Hiral Anju Bhatt

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Comments (13)

happy women day to all but my fav tina parekh good luck

16 years ago

happy women's day to everyone. Be proud to be a woman and always be happy!!!! never let any man get u down, always keep ur head high and be yourself!!!!!! (message to everyone) :)

16 years ago

Kitna jhooth bolte hai yaar yeh log haha

16 years ago

Happy Women's Day!

all celebrities said it so well

16 years ago

happy womens day ladies =)
i really liked priyas answer shes right we are different ..thas wat makes us so special =]

16 years ago

Enjoyyyy it girliessss lolll
does anyone even celebrate it lol

16 years ago

awww......such thoughtful commenets from these ladies!

16 years ago

hey..me proud to be a woman.............
bu the way itz mother teresa and not mother theresa!!..me from kolkata ....her workplace and hence idolize her a lot!!

16 years ago

| by mistake clicked enter..

wat i meant to say was HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY..

** im proud to be a woman **

16 years ago

Happy women's day :-)
Thanks for this lovely article!....

16 years ago

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