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Telekinesis in Sony TV's Adaalat

Law based show Adaalat will feature the story of a guy Chiranjeev who is killed with the use of telekinesis power…

The popular law based show Adaalat on Sony Entertainment Television that has been entertaining viewers with some interesting cases will bring another challenging case for the talented lawyer KD Pathak (Ronit Bose Roy).

The case will be about a guy named Chiranjeev who dies in the ashram where he had gone to meet his guruji. The blame comes on the guruji. He is said to have used his telekinesis powers to kill Chiranjeev.

The video footage shows that while Chiranjeev was in the room the objects start moving and all of a sudden there is fire in the room. It will be seen that no one apart from Chiranjeev in the room. Apart from the guruji his other disciples have not mastered this art.

All the evidences are against him. It comes as a shock when guruji accepts of having committed the murder. Was the murder done through telekinesis? How will KD save him when he is accepting of having murdered Chiranjeev?


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Sophia21 9 years ago aw aarav is so cutee.. bless him!!.. errr some pedo that guard is!
Vishakha_Sakhi 9 years ago What a sicko that guard is! Is he even defying the fact that he pinched Aarav? Is that any way to stop a kid?? I agree that Akshay shouldn't have slapped him but what if it was your kid?? He was just being a protective father. Kudos to little Aarav for telling his parents what are not as stupid as we think!!
Yuvika_15 9 years ago awwwwww his son is cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
..KaJenDelena.. 9 years ago mm dont know what to think, from one POV the guard is a disgusting character & deserves what he got but from another ashkays son could have a blurred idea of what had happened however thats kinda pathethic for ashkay to slap him when he tied to explain, just because he is famous doesnt give him the right to treat people like shit & to make the person lose his job WHO MIGHT NOT HAVE DONE ANYTHING! well what can i say besides HARSH! hehehe2011-01-25 04:28:04
vaish316 9 years ago akshay's son is young and could have misunderstood the guard.. watever it is he has no rights to slap the guard and shld have reported this matter to the police who wil do the necessary investigation.. being a celebrity doesnt give u the permission to take law in ur hands.. i cant believe ppl believe and support everything celebrities do!!
irene_c 9 years ago Good for akki. Too many freaks out there. N even better forr their son frr speakinng out
scinerd 9 years ago wow thats shocking. stupid security gaurd. even if he was trying to stop him, that's not the way
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