Teejay Sidhu talks about her tryst with female foeticide!

Teejay Sidhu gets candid with Tellybuzz and talks about her life as a girl in Punjab battling female infanticide..

The first episode of Aamir Khan's Satyamev Jayate grabbed our attention and focused on a social curse that plaugues our society- Female Infanticide.
Teejay Sidhu who is currently doing Balaji's Punjabi show Kitna Sona Tenu Rab Ne Banaya, has suffered at the hands of this curse! Teejay was born a girl and like many parents hers were disappointed on not having had a boy. She was born in Punjab in 1980 and later on Teejay went to the United States and completed her studies at Columbia University after which she shifted to India in the year 2002. Punjab as we know it is one of the states in India where the sex ratio is highly skewed.

Tellybuzz got in touch with Teejay to know more about her childhood days. She said, "I was born in Punjab where female infanticide is prevalent. Even my family members were not happy when I was born. I was the first child of my parents and they wished their first child to be a boy. I was born along with two more girls in my neighborhood, among which one was killed and the other went missing. My family members were upset when I was born as their myopic thought process wanted them to have a boy instead of a girl. But now my parents are proud of me for what I am today. They support me at every single step I take today."

Talking about the measures to be taken to remove female infanticide, she added, "Doctors should not contribute to such serious crime. Abortions should be strictly banned. Strong laws should be made and properly followed. Sonography should be banned."

She further added, "Female infanticide is an issue which should be removed from its root. Instead of banishing it from the society,its growing by leaps and bounds. Its being followed in many states and villages of India on a wide scale. Educated people should take an initiative to remove this curse from our society."

Talking about Satyamev Jayate, she said, "The show will surely bring a positive change in our society. It will act like a strong pillar for our society and help our society rise from evil clutches."

Teejay gave her best wishes to Aamir for the show and appreciated his initiative which she believes can do wonders to bring about a positive change in our society!

Reporter: Krishma Solanki
Author: Anwesha Kamal


Teejay Sidhu

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--Saina-- 8 years ago Hope the show brings some sense to the society especially doctors who are willing to take lives for money ...such a shame..
Teejay your parents must be very PROUD today..keep rocking dear :)2012-05-22 15:44:40
rpuran 8 years ago "Teejay was born a girl"!! What kinda statement is that? Now is she a guy? Lol..
shanti05 8 years ago Thanks for haring well said TJ.. People have to stop this killing of female foeticide.. Cruel attempt which needs to be stopped at the root and educate people from doing such gruesome acts
oooopsy 8 years ago i personally feel that parents like yrs even if they felt that way and being honest with you to tell you the truth once you were grown up...u should have more respect for them that they brought you up with so much love n affection...reading about you it sounds like you are from a educated family and considering that yr parents sent you to US and allowed you to join this entertainment world as profession, these are not really the signs of someone who wd be so upset on the birth of their first child even if it was a girl...i hope you are not using it to help you with yr professional career. please note i am very very faminist too and absolutely support whateva Amirji is doing and given a chance i wd do the same...why didnt this young lady ever opened her mouth before...my reading is she is just an oppurtunist and rebelious...who desnt even think about her parents before talking about this issue...disgusting how ppl look for the clues and use them for their own benefit..just for name, fame n money...my thoughts are with her parents..I HAVE A ADOREABLE 21 YEARS OLD DAUGHTER WHO LIVES, WORK AND STUDY IN LONDON ON HER OWN AND MIND YOU SHE IS MY 1ST CHILD TOO N WE R VERY PROUD OF HER...THANX. i dont mind how many dislikeS i get.
Wrackspurt 8 years ago Very rightly said...the root of the cause should be removed...The doctors who help in such a henious crime like female infanticide should have their liscence cancelled and should be punished...only when they stop helping people in doing abortions and sex determination through sonography, then only such horrible crimes can be put to a stop .2012-05-16 09:15:54
brainychild92 8 years ago @tanvismile: why should it be mentioned? does she not have an own identity? this article is about her not her husband! therefore, thank god he was not mentioned...

that must've been hard for teejay and that makes me proud of her for saying it... she's right, sonography's should be banned. never happened to me since my parents are pretty open-minded to an extent but i hate hearing about this shit!-- i'm very feminist ...
tanvismile 8 years ago she is karanvir bohra s wife ,why is it not mentioned in the article?
loveBarunValley 8 years ago ok i agree on abolishing female foeticide..but banning abortion n banning sonography is stupidity i mean u cant know if there's any anatomical anomaly untill u'll do a sonography(yes i agree there shouldn't be gender biased sonography though)...abortions also shouldn't be completely banned for various reasons like it could've been conceived by rape,anomalies,inevitable abortions etc.
paagalbandar 8 years ago Well people, only thing I can say is I pray that this stops, but, I also pray that these idiots who don't realize who themselves have come from a women, never find a good wife, or good life, after killing a girl child...Because frankly they don't deserve to be married with a woman, if they can't value a birth of a baby girl...Thank god, I didn't have to face such nonsense...My paternal and maternal families are modern in true sense...And infact my grandfather had cried when he saw I was too week, and he thought I wouldn't survive...He was not educated, he was not from city, but, he valued girl children :)
leavesandwaves 8 years ago Congratulations. Your story is inspiring. Wish you all the success.

Where are those who commnet on their
favourite shows as if there is no tomorrow. Come on and say something.2012-05-16 03:33:43
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