Tashi finds out her real father in Tera Mujhse...

Tashi’s real father to enter Sony TV's Tera Mujhse Hai Pehle Ka Naata Koi...

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The recent episodes of Sony and Cinevistaas' Tera Mujhse Hai Pehle Ka Naata Koi  have revealed a major twist that Adheer Singh (Mahesh Thakur) is not the real father of Tashi (Janvi Chheda). With this truth coming out, Jhanvi is on a mission to find her real father.

A little birdie from the sets informs, "Tashi gets to see her mother's photograph in the mansion with which comes out the truth that Adheer Singh is not her real father. She will not leave any stone unturned in finding her real father".

A khabroo from the sets informed us that they are shooting with Tashi's real father today and the character will be essayed by Nawab Ali.

"Tashi on seeing the picture, wants to get back to Manali and confront Adheer Singh, but he meets with an unfortunate accident which again remains a mystery. Later on, it will be revealed that her real father is in the mental asylum", adds our source.

We hear that Nawab Ali's role will just be a cameo which will not last for long..

Apparently the show is gearing up for more and more surprises now..

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Comments (11)

Yup i can't believe this show is just amazing wid soooooo many twists nd turns

13 years ago

I love this show!!! Waiting for this track!!

13 years ago

wooowwww...!!!!!!!!!! i love this show...it just gets better n better..!!!!!!! cant wait how it shapes up..!!!

13 years ago

omg!!!! this show is getting better and better

13 years ago

yes aamir apolgise
i watch it on news
aamir said it
i dont have that video
otherwise i''ll show u

15 years ago

whats up with SRK lolz i am so biggest fan of SRK ..so thats not mean i m goan hate other actors i liek al actors heeh..but SRK doest have naything to do with this yaar...
I know he alls SRK dog..on his blog but he aplogise too aamir said me and SRK are good frinds..that was joke there is lot of ppl whp felt bad thas why he apolgise..and i respect him

15 years ago

idiot_1 No, ur so called truth is hardly bitter because it still makes no sense to me. The Dog issue is completly different and irrelevant here and hate him all you want but it really doesnt matter here. Life (atleast for Aamir) im sure doesnt revolve ard Bachchans and im sure whtever equation he shares with the family has nothing to do with SRK. He didnt stop SRK frm visiting the sets and meeting Mr Bachcan.

He invited him for JTYJN''s premiere as well a little later after he patched up with him. Im sure he didnt hv SRK or anyone else in mind while doing so

Anyway, SRK fans can pounce on me or think Aamir is upto something malicious and is probably plotting a secret alliance with the rest of the world to put down SRK for all I care

my last post here,

15 years ago

thats good
lucky Aamir

am too excited to see AB''s new look as heard many things abt it

15 years ago


Ur comment is hilarious. What does SRK hv to do with this? SRK and Mr Bachchan might hv made up now but Aamir made up with Mr Bachchan long bck. He was the one chosen to present his Biography. Thts speaks a lot.

Its funny how some fans here think being a friend to Mr Bachchan decides whos what in this industry.

15 years ago

Wooow awesoem vidya with abhishek and amitabh!

15 years ago

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