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Tara Sutaria Untold: She was body-shamed for putting on 2-3 kilos weight for Marjaavaan!

“While some called me Anorexic during SOTY 2, others called me over-weight for gaining kilos for Marjaavaan,” reveals Tara Sutaria; Read below for more details...


Since last year, Bollywood has seen many young actors stepping up to make a career in Bollywood and while these young actors struggle to make a mark in the industry, they are also an easy target for criticism. 

Similarly, Bollywood’s young diva Tara Sutaria revealed that she was called out for being overweight. The actress has been working since a very young age and she believes she has to come in terms with the criticism and foul play. 

The 23-year-old has been working since the age of 3-4 and with these many years of experience actors tend to garner a lot of fan-following but they are also a soft-target for haters. During a recent media interaction with Pinkvilla, Tara got candid about braving criticism right from an early age.

When you perform and you are young, a lot of people don't take that very kindly. They want to criticise you in a certain way which is very detrimental for your growth. I have been performing since I was 3-4 so that's quite a few years of being a professional. In that way, some occasions have been annoying where people have said things like, 'Why did she choose to do this?' But I met Karan and then SOTY 2 happened and my outlook changed.

- Tara Sutaria

She further described the untold story and how foul language and personal comments are a part of her life. She also mentioned how people criticised her for putting on a few extra kilos for Marjaavaan.

People do say hurtful things every now and then. Some people called me anorexic when I did SOTY 2. A little while later, I put on 2-3 kilos and they were like she's put on weight. That's something I have come to terms with it. It used to bother me a lot in the beginning.

- Tara Sutaria


Tara Sutaria Marjaavaan 

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