Take Your Call - Top 4 Nominees for Popular Category of Big ITA

The much awaited 7th Annual Academy Awards for the Popular Category is slated to be held on 9th December at the Bhavan's ground, Andheri. Here are the Top 4 Nominations for the Popular Category. Choose your favorite right now...

The 7th Annual Academy Awards for Popular Categories is round the corner, and the top four nominees for the popular categories of the ITA have also been announced. They being the Best Actor and Actress in comedy, drama, negative and supporting role.

Says Anu Ranjan – President, Indian Television Academy (ITA), “The popular segment is where the public is the judge, jury and executioner. It is their vote that makes or breaks a performance. The popular segment is paramount for us as it reflects the vox populi. A record 2,977 nominations were received this year, with 396 programmes, 90 production houses and nearly 69 channels participating. The nominations were received from a wide spectrum of the television industry, be it soaps, comedies, telefilms, documentaries, musicals, news and current affairs, lifestyle shows etc.”

The awards will be held on Sunday 9th December at Bhavan’s ground, Andheri. The awards will be telecast in the evening of 31st December on Star Plus.

Here is the listing for the 4 Nominees for the Popular Categories..

As we await the results of the widely popular Indian Television Academy Awards for Popular Categories, let us brainstorm the nominations for the 4 popular categories and take our call on the Winners.. So get going, who will get your precious vote? Will you choice be similar to the winners' list?

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Divya Dutta Thumbnail

Divya Dutta

Darshan Dave Thumbnail

Darshan Dave

Cyrus Sahukar Thumbnail

Cyrus Sahukar

Himani Shivpuri Thumbnail

Himani Shivpuri

Mohnish Behl Thumbnail

Mohnish Behl

Paresh Ganatra Thumbnail

Paresh Ganatra

Rajeev Mehta Thumbnail

Rajeev Mehta

Rinku Ghosh Thumbnail

Rinku Ghosh

Rohit Roy Thumbnail

Rohit Roy

Jaya Bhattacharya Thumbnail

Jaya Bhattacharya

Kamya Punjabi Thumbnail

Kamya Punjabi

Joshi Thumbnail


Achint Kaur Thumbnail

Achint Kaur

Akshay Anand Thumbnail

Akshay Anand

Ashwini Kalsekar Thumbnail

Ashwini Kalsekar

Shweta Kawatra Thumbnail

Shweta Kawatra

Sudha Chandran Thumbnail

Sudha Chandran

Shivaji Satam Thumbnail

Shivaji Satam

Vikram Acharya Thumbnail

Vikram Acharya

Sarita Joshi Thumbnail

Sarita Joshi

Suresh Menon Thumbnail

Suresh Menon

Suchita Trivedi Thumbnail

Suchita Trivedi

Purbi Joshi Thumbnail

Purbi Joshi

Murli Sharma Thumbnail

Murli Sharma

shweta Thumbnail


Shagufta Ali Thumbnail

Shagufta Ali

Deven Bhojan Thumbnail

Deven Bhojan

M Acharya Thumbnail

M Acharya

Rajesh Khattar Thumbnail

Rajesh Khattar

Comments (24)

Mohnish Bahl is the most versatile actor on ITV !

11 years ago

this year the ITA was really better every year it gets better.

Dulhan Team bagged lots of awards, well deserved nominees & winners as well. I enjoyed watching it. gr8 performances as well.

16 years ago

Then HHITA have another set of awards which are based on public voting. These nominations are made by the jury. You cant really say that those nominations are POPULAR because they have left out a lot of known names.

16 years ago

i guess its a mixed bag...sum r deserving...and sum r wat d hell...

btw is Darshan Dave ..Sujit of ghar ek sapna??...if it is..then i have to say..he's the most deserving...wat a brilliant performer...and its awesum he's nominated twice...vikram gokhale too is really deserving for the award...also the ba bahu aur baby nominees...

as for undeserving ones..the one who plays Durgesh Nandini wins hands down...wat the hell is she doing in the nominee list..

16 years ago

good nomination list indeed. All the actors deserve the nomination. i am happy that Ekta's BAKKWAAS shows are not nominated.

16 years ago

Good nomination list, this time Quality is given more importance than TRP.

16 years ago

hope hussain wins da best actor award..no nom 4 juhi!!

16 years ago

Most of these nominations are totally rubbish - Sharad Malhotra is deserving for best actor and Sushant Singh is deserving for Viruddh - he is excellent in that. They have totally boycotted K soaps - with good reason - truth be told, but I do think that Prachi Desai deserves a nomination for Kasamh Se, because she has acted brilliantly in Kasamh Se as rubbish as it has gotten. She was amazing in the scene when she finds out that Jai was having an affair with Pia and when her twins died. I also thought that the person who plays Vedant in Viruddh should have been nominated for best supporting actor - I thought that he was very good.

The nominee's aren't deserving, except for Ashwini Kalsekar, Vikram Gokhale and Achint Kaur.

16 years ago

man husein has a chance!.....i really hope he wins......too bad juhi didnt get nominated.....but cool rajesh, shweta, and husein all did get nominated......naina

16 years ago

Most of the nominations are undeserving

16 years ago

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