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Take life as a ice-cream and enjoy it till it melts: Shrenu Parikh.

Tellybuzz in talks with Shrenu Parikh.


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The beautiful and bubbly Shrenu Parikh who was very much appreciated for her character in 'Hawan' and so also now in the daily soap 'Byaah Humari Bahu Ka', shares her journey on our starry takes...

How do you define acting?

Acting to me is to get into the character and portray the emotions naturally. It shouldn't look like it is acting, it should be very much real. An actor should be able to relate to the character he/she is playing.

How did acting happen to you?

It all happened co-incidentally. I had participated in a beauty contest some 4years back wherein I won and the final round was in Mumbai. My pictures reached all the production house and I started getting offers. The first offer that I got was for 'Balika Vadhu', but since I belong from a conservative Gujarati family, Studies are the most important and so I couldn't take up the offer since I did not complete my graduation. I played a small cameo in the serial 'Gulaal'. Then Rajan Shahi sir called me for an audition, which went well and I got 'Hawan' and now 'Byaah Humari Bahu Ka'.

Take us through your journey of your role in 'Byaah Humari Bahu Ka'?

I have grown as an actor. I have learned a lot and yet a lot to be learned. Well when it comes to my character Rajni, she is a village girl who has a very strong persona, she knows what is right and wrong and is very loved by all the members of the family. She is very strong headed and fights for the right.

How difficult was it portraying the character of Rajni?

It is difficult playing Rajni as it is very different from what Shrenu actually is. Rajni's character is very evolving, wherein I am just a kid and the role that I play is about a Married girl. I am too young as compared to the character that Rajni portrays. So also I belong from a nuclear family wherein the show is based on a joint family drams, so yes it has been difficult for me but with the support of my entire team, I feel it less difficult.

Your last done show which was 'Hawan' and you current ongoing show 'Byaah Humari Bahu Ka', You portray the same characters. What have you to say about that?

Well the character of me being a village girl and then getting married into a rich family is only similar in both the shows but not the concept. In 'Hawan' Astha was connected to Bapji, it was a God devoted show wherein here it is totally a love story. The concepts are totally different.

What are the types of role you want to play?

I want to try on comic roles and also I would like to portray the real Shrenu. It would be real fun.

How is it working with 'Hatts off' production?

Well when I talk about the production, I have always dreamt of working with them. I was a big fan of their serials like Khichidi, Baa Bahu Aur Baby etc. These shows were truly entertaining and today me being a part of their production is like:I have no words to describe my happiness.

How is it working with your Co-star Gaurav Khanna who already is a very professional actor?

Gaurav is immensely professional when it comes to acting. He is a fabulous actor and very understanding. Whenever I am stuck in portraying any scene he helps me to get it right, he is very helping, kind and down to earth person.

Has it ever happened during the shoot that you felt like:Why am I part of this show?

No never have I encountered that phase, where I had to say:This show was a bad choice or why am I a part of this show. I never regret for anything in life because I am always satisfied with my work.

How similar is Rajni and Shrenu?

There are few similar aspects like:Down to earth, strong headed and has a fighting spirit. But shrenu is also a very peppy and bubbly person who talks a lot and enjoys her life to the fullest which Rajni ain't.

A quote you follow in life?

Take life as a ice-cream and enjoy every moment till it melts.

A childhood memory that you are struck with?

Well there are many childhood memories but yea surely I would want to share one:during my vacation I used to go to stay at my Nani's place which was in a village, where I used to watch all the daily soaps and mimic the characters and all the people used to laugh at it and enjoy it, and it used to make me feel happy too. So also people would say that, when shrenu grows up, she will surely go into television. Today those talks have turned into reality(smiles). I am living my dream to reality.

reporter and Author:Krishma Solanki.






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thanks TB...she's seems a sweet and fun loving girl...nice answers..good luck for Rajni, Shrenu !
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