Take a lesson from 'Shirmaan Shrimati Phir Se' & STOP ruining the CLASSICS

Please leave them alone..

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Some originals are meant to be just for one time, and they, no matter what, should NOT be touched again. However, we seem to have an incurable disorder of remaking some classics, and dismaly spoiling them later.

So, when we create features or other pieces, where we write 'what if et cetera film/show was made/remade with etcetera cast', we don't literally mean that (if that's what one's argument is). It's a product of imagination and a hypothetical situation, which is not meant to be taken literally.

But, some minds apparently just don't understand that, and instead of coming up with an original idea, they want to just refurbish the 'already successful' one and present it as a product, which they claim to be better.

Around 9 times out of 10, this attempt fails miserably, but we don't seem to learn. A perfect example for the same in the current scenario is Sab TV's Shrimaan Shrimati Phir Se.

Here are some reasons, why is the show an absolute disaster-

Lack Of Originality

It almost seems like remaking a successful show seems to have eradicated the idea of originality for the makers completely. The character sketches of Keshav Kulkarni, Koki, Prema Shalini and Dilruba have literally been taken suit from the original. Maintaining the essence is one thing, but here, that has been pushed to a limit, where a loyal viewer of the original Shrimaan Shrimati may get irked about the portrayal of those characters. The only minuscule variation that they brought in was Koki to be a Maharashtrian and her mannerisms accordingly. But that, in no way helps the script or the comical situations.

One Example Wasn't Enough To Learn

Not many would completely remember as to how, the concept of Shrimaan Shrimati was already tried in a different way in the form of Sony TV's Aaj ke Shrimaan Shrimati around 11 years ago. Fortunately, it wasn't a bad show, where it had today-legendary actors like Dilip Joshi and Kiku Sharda playing the roles of Sanjay Sarphire and Joe (versions of Keshu and Dilruba) in it. The show even modernized several things, and to an extent, it was relatively funny. But, that did not transpire into numbers and the show was not accepted by the viewers even back then. There couldn't have been a better example for the makers of Shrimaan Shrimati Phir Se to take a note from.

The Actors FAIL miserably

With all due respect to the talent that the actors bring to the table, it is purely the execution, the sketch and the writing that doesn't help the actor in Shrimaan Shrimati Phir Se in being able to make you laugh or even smile. If you actually go to see, it has stalwart actors like Barkha Bisht Sengupta, Sucheta Khanna and Suresh Menon at display; but the fact that even they aren't able to do justice speaks volumes about the abysmal presentation of the show. Especially, Suresh Menon- the man is a legend and he is known to ace the role of a feminine man courtesy his radio stints, where he has actually voiced similar characters. But, we don't know, if it's the actor or the director of the show that results in him overdoing Dilruba so much, that you do not find it funny at all.

Modern Times Need Modern Ideas

There is a major reason that Shrimaan Shrimati worked wonders back then, and that is because of the time it was presented in. Modern times have either evolved or changed their way of pursuing relationships and the concept of humour. If you repeat a particular style of humour from the 90s, there can either be blatant transparency or a perfect mixed bag of new plus old thoughts. This show tries to arrive somewhere between, and that is a massive blunder.

It Hasn't Got Better

I certainly did not want to be judgmental or have a pre-conceived notion about not liking the show, only because its the adaptation of a classic. Because, that would have been completely unfair. So, I took all this time of almost a month to give it the benefit of doubt and analyse it, only to see if it gets better. Except for a couple of heartening instances, nothing got better and infact, things continued to go downhill. The replacement of the titular character of Keshav is probably another indicator of how even the makers are trying everything to make things work.

A Remake Should Be Treated In A Manner

If anyone needs to really take a note on how to come close to  being successful in doing a remake, then that has to be from the makers of Khichdi. The prime reason why Khichdi has worked out is because, it has the same actors playing the same iconic characters by the same makers without any 'changes.' Of course, that wouldn't be possible here, as we don't have Mr. Jatin Kanakia and Mrs. Reema Lagoo with us anymore, and of course, the other actors have aged too. But that is exactly why it shouldn't have been remade at the first place.

So makers, take suit from the disaster that Shrimaan Shrimati Phir Se is, and don't touch the classics, especially don't have the idea of remaking it.

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Comments (4)

I agree with this article.This remake of the classic show has failed badly.

6 years ago

It is difficult to replace Archana Puran singh who had a very unique mannerism. Barkha Bisht plays it flat and straight. The actor playing Kesu was the best amongst them and unfortunately they replaced him.

6 years ago

In the 90s having someone from Bollywood as your neighbor was a big thing. Today when actors even the most successful ones visit malls, colleges and every where to promote their film, this concept simply looks out of place. Makers dont understand this.

Keshav didn't have a great relation with his boss and yet he never lost his job. This is not possible today when professionalism is expected from the workers. The current generation just might not funny.

Suresh Menon and Barkha Bishth dont look like a couple. I dont know how but Rakesh Bedi and Archana Puran singh looked adorable together.

And the fight between the two husbands looked genuine in the original version
Here it looks a bit forced.

6 years ago

agree with your article...worst remake of such a classic show.
Even srpjmb is a sequel on sab tv but the serial is amazing..the same thing cannot be said for all boring shows of sab like jijaji,tenali rama and saath pheron and now this...disaster it is ...

6 years ago

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