Table No 5: Episode 1 Review: The Magicians will LEAVE you SPELLBOUND

Series offers a package of Quirky, Mysterious Episodes. 6 Episodes with 6 Different Stories...

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India's largest and most comprehensive digital entertainment platform for language content, ZEE5 has launched a new web series, Table No. 5. It's a complete package of 6 quirky episodes that has 6 different stories revolving arounf a table at a restaurant.

Starring Swanand Kirkire, Namit Das, Mohan Kapoor and Pitobash Tripathy, Table No. 5 is written by Bhavesh Mandalia.

So let's take a look at what the table has to offer in each of it's show!

Magician: Episode 1 has two professional magicians bumping into each other at the restaurant. While one is into card-tricks, the other is famous for fusing objects, and the third one can manipulate time.

The two sit down at Table No 5 and from here the mystery begins. Starring Namit Das and Mohan Kapoor, the story revolves around magic, and it's tricks. While Namit's tricks lie beyond infinity, Mohan's stunt are all about fusing objects.

It's intriguing and the end will leave you spellbound!

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