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Swaragini: Who will 'DIE' first - Laksh or Sanskaar?

Maheshwari family to be held at gunpoint!


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Among the many edgy sequences which keep the audience glued to watching Swaragini (Colors), the show will bring yet another high voltage sequence concerning Swara-Ragini's war with Adarsh and Parineeta.

With Navratri around the corner, the family will gear up for Durga Pooja, which will not only add a flavor of celebrating the festival but a high point drama too. Dadi will soon be shocked to find the property papers missing and will doubt the sisters to have a hand behind it. In a fit of fury, she will hire goons to get her documents back.

On the other hand, Adarsh will learn about the same and during Durga Pooja, he will engage in falsities and point a gun at Ragini. While Swara and Ragini will want to hand over the property papers to Durga Prasad, Adarsh and Parineeta will force them to hand it over to them.

To dramatize the track, Parineeta will be seen playing a 'sindoor game' where she will challenge Swara and Ragini that either of their husbands will die if they lose. However, Adarsh will disrespect the sindoor by dropping the sindoor and will declare that both shall die.

There is nothing that can save the two brothers - Lash and Sanskaar but Swara and Ragini will soon expose Parineeta and Adarsh followed by a reunion of the family!


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MishtyShona 3 years ago Varun Kapoor and Helly Shah, you were just fantastic in yesterday's episode. Your performances were rocking.

Varun Kapoor especially nailed every expression perfectly. In the first part you let your expressions alone speak of your devastation and in the sec half, OMG what was that phone call scene. It was mind blowing.
elsanna 3 years ago Love you Varun Kapoor and Helly Shah...u both rock as swasan
sia08 3 years ago Helly Shah and Varun Kapoor are great as swasan

only good part of this show
rashi65 3 years ago Luv Tejasswi Prakash Wayangankar nd Namish Taneja #TeMish #RagLak #Queen&King #ProudFan
soniadutta 3 years ago I think better option would be to kill both ragini and laksh and renamed serial as Swasan ...Mahaanta ke pujari
And sure serial would crossed all the trps records
All the best Namish Taneja for ur movie and hope u quit this shit show soon
MishtyShona 3 years ago Varun Kapoor and Helly Shah, you guys are nailing you acts as Sanskaar and Swara Maheshwari. Love the fact that Sanskaar has brains and brawn, while Swara is the Mastermind and Marathon runner who does get tired of running. (lol).

The best part about both of you is that you guys are one the most genuine, down to earth, non pretentious, humble and proud persons I have seen in the TV industry. Love the fact how you never hog the credit of other and never sing you own praises to anyone with the misfortune to have to listen. The ones really talented are always humble and never praise themselves coz they have other people praising them. Jinko koi praise nahi karta, woh khud apne tarrefo ko pull bandhete firte hain. Love you both for not being show off's. Stay blessed.
Bluehue 3 years ago Both sanlak will die and swaragini will they love eachother more than their respective husbands. Anyways love you varun kapoor...
BreezyBoo 3 years ago The title is soo funny. Marne ke liye competition? Crazy enough ti be RS show. I hate her.
chinnni1992 3 years ago Helly Shah and Varun Kapoor both rocks as Swara and Sanskar . watch the show only for SwaSan..
dis_arshi 3 years ago what kind of topic is that
are u out of your mind?
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