Swara Bhaskar SHUTS Veena Malik for her Mocking Tweet on IAF Pilot

Veena Malik tweeted with laughing emojis that... Read on to know more.

"Kriti Sharma"
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The nation is united and everyone seems to end this struggle against terrorism once and for all. In a moment where one IAF pilot has been taken captive by the Pakistani Army, the Twitter is exploding with opinions. Even in this sensitive moment where war many be on the door step, people are not backing down from being savage and well, we have a similar example for you.

In the same context of IAF pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan being captive, Pakistani actress Veena Malik shared a post on Twitter mocking the same. Veena posted a photo of Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman with the Pakistani army with the caption, 'Abhi Abhi Tu Ayo Ho...Achi Mehmaan Nawazi Ho GI Aap Ki." 

To this our very own Swara Bhaskar replied and gave her a literal punch in the face. She wrote,"Veena ji.. Shame on you & ur sick mindset. Your glee is just gross! Our officer is a hero- brave, gracious & dignified in the face of capture. At least some decency from that major in you army who was questioning #WingCommanderAbhinandan or the many Pakistanis suing 4 peace #sick"

Swara has been voicing her opinions fearlessly on social media and this one was from all of us wanting to take Veena Malik down. The entire Btown has come in support of Wing Commander Abhinandan and has been tweeting about the same. Have a look at some of the tweets: