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'Swap of Sex' act on ZND this week

The Mast Kalandar boys in female attire and Masakali girls in male costume will groove on the stage of Star Plus show Zara Nachke Dikha...


In the coming week the tag line Battle of Sexes of Star Plus' dance reality show Zara Nachke Dikha would witness a slight change to Swap of Sexes.

A little birdie informs us that, "In this week's Zara Hatke round Aksshat and Siddhesh dressed in traditional female attire  and performed on a sizzling number 'Jogan' of gorgeous Shilpa Shetty."
When contacted, Aksshat exclaimed, "Enacting a girl is very painful and difficult (smiles). Painful because the costume that we wore, a chanya-choli (skirt & top) and that huge hair wig were very irritating and worked as a distraction throughout the performance."
And conveying the judge's response in a disheartening tone he said, "This time as Siddhesh was unwell we couldn't rehearse much. As a result the co-ordination on stage wasn't that great so, we neither received fine comments nor good marks."
When posed a question why he and Siddhesh are common performers in Zara Hatke round he smiling responded, "Firstly it's a tough round so every week participants who stand most apt for the act are chosen and this week to depict a girl, a guy with lean body and clean shaved face was required and as we fitted the best in it so we had to perform it."
Our source also added that, "From girls' team Rakhi Sawant and Mukti Mohan performed in male attire and received positive appreciation from judges too."
We tried contacting both Mukti Mohan and Rakhi Sawant but they remained unavailable for comment.

Author & Reporter: Pooja Shenoy.


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c00l_girl 10 years ago Big smile very funny....
bewafa 10 years ago wow, RAKHI remained unavailable for comment?
Rakhi? LOL
sidra0092 10 years ago Loooooove Loooooooooove to see them dancing and then I just rehearse their stpes.

Love them <3<3<3
jeenal20 10 years ago looking forward to the epi to be aired....
larki_punjaban 10 years ago i just htttttttteeeeeee akshat
he so much showing up and he has never done a good performance
ocha boy! ewww i just hate him he should sit on his ass shut up and not jumpo like a basketball
my fav star in maskalandar boys is angad he is so sweet and decent!!!
and siddesh is also not less then him
he is one of my fav but he talsk sometimes 2 much and that's not decent!
-Mink- 10 years ago Its a Treat to watch Siddy and akshu on Stage
yattri 10 years ago aaahhh i want to see siddhesh and akshat together in a female attire! they simply rock!
r07c 10 years ago Siddy-Aksshu u guys are awesome, no matter what u guys do u always perform 110%. Luv u guys and get well Siddhesh
desicrowd 10 years ago Don't mind watching Siddie and Akshat again and again, they r brilliant...
lankansporty 10 years ago O cmon Get some new guys to perform on zara hatke from now on. I wanna see more of karan, sushant, angad, abhishek, etc.
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