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Sushmita Sen reveals her mother's outrage when she decided to adopt Renee; Here's what her father did

Sushmita Sen recently recalled her parents reaction when she decided to adopt Renee at a young age.

Published: Monday,Aug 28, 2023 04:02 AM GMT-06:00
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Renee and Sushmita Sen

Sushmita Sen stands as a prime example of a woman who emanates positivity and courage. The actress has always remained steadfast in her choices. This led the accomplished actress to embrace single motherhood. This calling manifested itself in the year 2000 when she made the heartfelt decision to adopt her first daughter, Renee Sen.

Talking about adopting a child at the age of 24, Sushmita told Humans of Bombay, the actress recalled her urge of becoming a mother to a child who needs one. She further recalled her parents reaction to this decision of hers.


While Sushmita Sen's conviction remained unshaken, her mother, Subhra Sen, found herself in a state of uncertainty regarding her daughter's choice to embrace motherhood at such a young age, while still unmarried. In contrast, her father exhibited a more supportive stance.

Talking about the same Sushmita said, “My mother was like, ‘You are a child yourself! What are you talking, what’s gone wrong with this girl!’ She was furious with me. My father was more patient. He asked, ‘Where is this coming from?’ and I told him, ‘It’s a calling daddy. I am feeling it very strongly.’ He told me that the calling wasn’t going anywhere, I could do it in a few years. I said if I do get married and someone says no (for a baby), the marriage will break because this is my calling. So let me have a baby first, so no one can question it.”

Sushmita further divulged that it was because of her father that the courts gave Renee to her. He became the father figure to the little girl. “My father laughed and said, ‘I don’t know what has happened to her, but she is very convinced.’ 

She said it was with his support, that the courts finally gave Rene to her. The Indian system is very particular, if not a father, a father figure, and that no better person than your own father. She further revealed that the law says the father must sign half of his assets to the child, to show intent. And her father signed off everything in her name. 

On her workfront, Sushmita was recently seen in Taali: Bajaungi Nahi, Bajwaungi. It’s a biographical drama TV series where the actress plays the role of transgender activist Shreegauri Sawant. 

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