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Sushmita Sen applauds director Ram Madhvani as he successfully symbolizes Bhagavad Gita through songs in Aarya

Ram Madhvani's directorial Aarya has made a huge impact on the audience and Sushmita Sen is impressed by the use of symbolism of the Bhagwat Geeta through songs in Aarya...


Ram Madhvani's directorial Aarya has been churning big numbers as the series has successfully found its audience on Disney Hotstar. With an ensemble of top actors including Susmita Sen, Chandrachur Singh, Manish Choudhary, Namit Das and more, the series speaks about a family which is involved in an illegal business. 

While the series holds its roots that are indirectly linked to the philosophy from Bhagavad Gita, Ram Madhwani said, "It was the major reason why Aarya was made."

During a recent interaction with the makers of Aarya, they were quizzed about the symbolism of the Bhagwat Geeta through songs and was it always intended for the show. Director Ram Madhvani said, "Yes, it was always intended to be that."

“It was the reason I made Aarya. It is the value system where Aarya stands, it helps us through life. These are the difficult questions of Karma and Dharma, it might seem like such old fashioned words but, we are constantly dealing with it every day and this is what Aarya goes through. She goes through a dilemma in the show. It is up to the audience how they receive the answer and hopefully feels the answer through incredible music of Vishal and lyrics of Swanand Kirkire with the collaboration of Siddhant,” added Madhvani.

For the uninitiated, Aarya is an official adaptation from the popular Dutch show Penoza.

Meanwhile, Sushmita also revealed that the OST offers an Indianized touch to the adaptation of the Dutch series. She also revealed it is because of Ram Madhwani that the OST of this series could be integrated with Bhagavad Gita so beautifully. 

Sushmita even applauded the Neerja director as she said, “You (Ram Madhvani) just took something that is a family feud and relationships that pretty much exists; maybe not in the backdrop that we have said. But it exists as a normal function of coexistence everywhere and what you have done with Bhagwad Geeta has given it a greater purpose, a greater understanding of that conflict, really amazing stuff…”

The Hotstar specials delves into how organized crime and betrayal runs deep in a family. It is about protagonist Aarya and how she is pulled into the narcotics business when her family is threatened.

The much-awaited web-series Aarya was released on Friday (June 19, 2020) and looks pretty darn promising.


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