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Sunny Side Up Season 2 with Chef Chinu & guest Esha Deol

Watch the diva Esha Deol cooking it up with Chef Chinu for the show Sunny Side Up on FoodFood channel.

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Sharing food with another human being is an intimate act that should be engaged in lightly...and that's what celebrity Chef Shilarna Vaze (nee Chinu), a young and dynamic chef, did when she decided to change gears!

With a degree in Political Science, her calling however was food. She decided to enroll at the prestigious Diploma de Cuisine course at Le Cordon Bleu, Paris, one of the top-ranking culinary institutes in the world. She is back to share her great culinary learning.

A traveler, blogger and eco-food connoisseur, Chef Chinu, brings a fusion of recipes that break all the rules of the kitchen, push all the boundaries of flavor, and stimulate your palate like never before, in the popular show Sunny Side Up, from Monday June 16, at 8.00 pm, on FOODFOOD. What's more interesting is,  as a special guest ,she invites her buddy, beautiful actress  Esha Deol (Chinu worked in Esha's first film Na Tum Jano Na Hum), who shares some little known secrets  about her culinary skills, her mom Hema Malini's favorite recipe, her husband Bharat being a foodie cravings  and more... in Chinu's food haven full of good food and great conversation. With a bit of music, art and humor thrown in, this show will be the perfect formula to relax while you eat!

Chef Chinu, who settled in Goa, worked for some of its finest kitchens -- A Reverie and Sublime. While waiting to open a restaurant of her own, Chinu started a successful sushi delivery service, Ninja Sushi that further boosted her reputation as one of India's most adored chefs.

As the host of the popular show, Sunny Side Up, she helps you stay energetic with a heady mix of sugar n spice and dollops of happiness, sprinkled with expert tips ... all served fresh, on a smoking hot platter!

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KaranSG_01 6 years ago it will be great to see chef chinu with her best friend esha deol again.i always wanted to see their off screen chemistry.hope to see some of it now.
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blrgal 9 years ago Seriously, has anyone seen the show and heard Simi ... gosh... her clothes and her kiki imitation truly got on to my nerves... terrible... bad show and i did like her rendezvous series!!
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skavitha08 9 years ago meadia always does this ... bas pakda tho pkadliya ... imean its like a game to them than life of someone else and even after ranbir's press meet they still are after him ... ya tho y did not salmaan marry or else ranbir's GF D'uh
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poojashree 9 years ago india's most desirable, well i think that salman ,john, shaid should be invited in this show ;)
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Crazzmatazz 9 years ago With these current breed of showbiz snobs on the loose, it's nice to see some gracious conduct by Simi Garewal!
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Chocolate... 9 years ago god why can't ppl just leave famous ppl alone. m not supporting RK this is for any person who is famous. i don't understand why ppl wanna kno abt them gosh give them space its their life why shud we care if the screw up, date sumone or even r caught naked. i believe these issues r stuff we as an audience should not care abt. its not our problem and i feel that it is a waste of time so spare others. i wanna kno abt how ppl who r recognised well use the power they hold to do well for the nation or world and how they give back to ppl who care for them cuz i believe they r the ppl who can most likely cause change to happen.
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TishiAngel 9 years ago Media plz spare him.
Let him be.
I am really very happy that simi is supporting him.
Love You RK
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-Aaliyah- 9 years ago I keep on thinking this in myself..
I was named after her ^_^ but anyways, back to the topic, but I'm not exactly sure who Ranbir is going out with and who isn't but no one really should interfere into this. It's his own life and he has the right to keep it private and he wants to keep it that way..
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--jiya-- 9 years ago Donno what's true and what's not, but creating such a ruckus about Ranbir's personal life is seriously unwanted!! Let the fellow be, man!!

okay, now why Deepika and Sidharth Mallya of all people are considered single?? Confused
and there is no Priyanka, Shahid, Katrina, in the list??Shocked how come??
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Thaathi 9 years ago Yes. Finally Ranbir Got Someone To Stand For Him. The Media Is Always Making Up Stories About Ranbir's Personal Life. The Media Should Stop Interfering With His Personal Life. He Needs His Own Privacy. Ranbir Rocks ! He Is The Best.
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