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Sunny Hindustani: I didn’t have a Surname and Indian Idol gave me a Surname!

Sunny Hindustani who won the coveted Indian Idol 11 Trophy in an exclusive conversation with us spoke about his journey, struggles and much more:

Published: Monday,Feb 24, 2020 11:59 AM GMT-07:00
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Indian Idol 11

Sunny Hindustani who claimed the coveted Indian Idol 11 Trophy got in touch with us and in an exclusive conversation with Sunny, he spoke to us about his struggles, Indian Idol, future projects and much more:

First of all, what message would you like to give to your fans?

  • The trophy that you are seeing right now, this trophy deserves to the people who removed some precious time for me and voted and showered their love upon me throughout the season. It is because of their voting that I am standing here with this trophy. I want to thank them very much and I will keep entertaining you and will make new songs for you guys. I just hope that you continue to love me the way you are loving me right now. The relation that we have should always be maintained. Once again, Thankyou so much. 

As you are the winner, how are you feeling as you finally won the trophy?

  • Indian Idol is such a big Platform and I won that and the trophy is in my hands, I cannot express how happy I am. 

There were many popular contestants in the show as well. Did you ever think that you would win the show?

  • Yes, there were many instances and paths in the show, where I felt broken from inside. I used to think that even though I have reached here, will I be able to win? Everyone was singing really well. All the finalists and the contestants before that as well in the show, they sang really well. No one is below or above anyone. 

Obviously, Rohit who was there with you in the Top 2 was very popular as well. Did you ever think that okay, now you won’t be able to win now?

  • I was only scared of one thing and there was nothing else in my mind, I was thinking about my life. I was scared that I had come out of such a life and I am here with certain dreams. I had a very tough life, I had several responsibilities as my mother was all alone and I was really small when my father passed away. So all these things were running in my head. I had to win because there were many lives associated with mine and it was my dream to do something big in music and win the title of Indian Idol which has now come true because of the love of the audience. 

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Sunny Hindustani

You mentioned that when you came here you didn't even have 10 rupees and now you are taking 25 lakhs. What will you do with this money?

  • First of all, my Mother didn’t have any good clothes, good house, so firstly, I will give her a good life. I will fill her life with happiness. I want to make my mother queen with this Money. 

Along with being the winner, you have also received the title Sunny Hindustani which Abu Malik gave you. What do you have to say about that?

I came in Indian Idol and the show gave me a lot of things but the best thing that the show gave me is my name. I didn’t have a surname and Indian Idol gave me a surname, gave me a name Sunny Hindustani. Everyone knows this name now and I would like to say thankyou to Indian Idol and Sony TV for giving me this name. 

So sunny, what’s next? What are your future projects?

Along with the Trophy, I have been given the opportunity to sing for T-series in their upcoming film. I am very happy about that. 

Indian Idol 11 

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