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'Sufiyaana Pyaar Mera' Is Not Going Off-Air Confirms Lead Rajveer Singh

There have been several rumors about the show being taken off airing.


Star Bharat, as a channel continues to struggle with the constantly dwindling numbers of many of its shows where the long-runner Nimki Mukhiya (Now Nimki Vidhayak) and RadhaKrishn are the only shows that perform decently.

Several new shows have been launched to and fro but none of them have managed to break the trend of falling numbers. One such of the list was the Helly Shah led Sufiyaana Pyaar Mera (SPM). With a name like Helly Shah attached to the show and the on-going trend of Muslim-theme based shows doing well, SPM was touted to change the fate for the channel. However, that never happened as ever since the show's launch, it has not managed to attract good ratings and the situation doesn't seem to get better.

Owing to this, there has been constant rumors about the show going off-air now and then. Even though there hasn't been any confirmation on the same, the rumors seemed to take pace with time passing by. But the fans of the show can certainly relax as the leading man of the show, Rajveer Singh aka Zaroon has confirmed that the show is not going off-air.

In a recent interview, Singh mentioned that he did hear rumors about the show getting the ax but after they spoke to the production house (Danesh Javed & Prateek Sharma), the latter denied any possibility of the same. Singh however, did accept that the show isn't doing well in terms of numbers and expressed his disappointment on hard work not reflecting in ratings.

Whatever the case may be, for now, the fans of the show can rejoice that Sufiyaana Pyaar Mera is staying on-air.


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