Stylish 'Just Maath Maathnalli' worth watching (Kannada Film Review)

Film: 'Just Maath Maathnalli'; Director: Sudeep; Cast: Sudeep, Ramya, Rajesh, Arun Sagar and Yathiraj; Music: Raghu Dixit; Rating: ***

Film: 'Just Maath Maathnalli'; Director: Sudeep; Cast: Sudeep, Ramya, Rajesh, Arun Sagar and Yathiraj; Music: Raghu Dixit; Rating: ***

Sudeep's 'Just Maath Maathnalli' is a sincere effort that will appeal largely to enlightened audiences. Sudeep's efforts to portray this film in a classic style despite having a charismatic mass appeal has to be appreciated.

The film has some extremely good performances, lilting music and pleasing photography to its credit. But the movie's pace shows inconsistency.

Sudeep has so for directed many remakes, but this is the first time he has attempted to make a film based on an original story. He has shown a high degree of commitment in making a neat movie without falling prey to commercial considerations. His presentation is stylish as can be seen from the choice of perfect locations and costume designs.

The main problem of the film is that it moves at a snail's pace in the first half but takes some interesting twists in the second half. The total absence of comedy is another negative point.

Though the film's heroine shines in the first half, her role is significantly reduced in the second part. The climax sequence may not appeal to hardcore Sudeep fans, but it is nevertheless well narrated.

The film starts off with a rockstar narrating his story to a script writer on a flight but too many flashbacks slacken the pace. The main strength of the film are the performances, which are really top class. The music and the camera work compliment the film.

'Just Maath Maathnalli' is centred around singer Sidhdharth, who meets Tanu in bizarre circumstances. Tanu is full of life while Sidhdharth is buried in his past. Circumstances lead them to spend two days together on a railway platform and then later move to Tanu's house.

Tanu proposes to him, but Sidhdharth is not really interested. He separates from her but later realises that he made a mistake. Realising Tanu's true love for him, he wants to go to Singapore to meet her and convey his feelings for her.

He meets a businessman-cum script writer Adi and tell him his story and goes ahead to Singapore, where yet another twist awaits the viewers.

Ramya proves to be exceptional in the film and lives Tanu's character. She is expressive and makes a good impact in the first half. Sudeep once again shines with his slow-paced dialogue delivery.

Rajesh is quite impressive and Arun Sagar shines in the role of Sudeep's friend.

Raghu Dixit's music rocks. The songs 'Just Maath Maathnalli' and 'Mussanje' are really good and shot very well.

'Just Maath Maathnalli' is definitely worth a watch.

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