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#Stylebuzz: Best accessories for men's formal suit!!

Because accessories aren't just for women...


They say - A well-tailored suit is to women, what lingerie is to men!! And when something is loved by women, men can't and should not leave it bare, without accessorising it. While a black suit at a formal event is a gentleman's uniform, one must add some accents to make it stand-out. 

So ladies and gentlemen... set a black suit apart with these small but powerful accessories. 

Functional and decorative Ascot !!
  Ascot - the day cravat, tied and tucked under an open shirt and best worn with a formal suit. Ascot is the descendant of Cravat family - the original form of neck-wear, much liked by King Louis XIII after he spotted them on the Croatian mercenaries in France.Clean and Sharp Necktie!         

This go-to accessory for men too has its roots in the wardrobe of King Louis XIII. This simple piece of fabric makes the formal look more formal and adds power to the man wearing it. What follows power is responsibility, therefore, keep the prints and colors simple & master the knot.
The classic Tie Clip!

At the beach wedding, looking all fly in a new suit and an awesome tie, don't let the necktie whip around with every gust of wind, use a tie clip. Even the noble aristocrats swore by it.  Pocket square will keep the compliments flowing...

Break the monotony of a suit with a smart pocket square. Pick a contrasting color or a fun pattern.   Attention to detail with Cufflinks!!

Small and subtle cufflinks are available in varied style, therefore, makes it kinda tough to select one. So, like many things in life, best is to begin with basic and simple. Score extra dapper points with Lapel Pins!!
Lapel pins are worn for ornamental reasons or to signify the wearer's affiliation with an organization. They are the simpler descendants of the boutonnire.  Bold Bow Ties!!

Next time, for a formal event, exchange a tie for a smart bow tie. Like necktie and cravats, bow ties too, are said to have originated from Croatian mercenaries of the 17th century. Extravagantly Old-Fashioned-Pocket-watches...

If you own this rare timepiece, just hold on to it really tight, because this keepsake can transport a 3-piece suit to the Victorian era in a jiff. Pocket the watch and hook the chain to the vest button.  

What will you like to see on your guy's suit? Let us know...hit the comment box below!!

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