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'Stranger Things' Lego Set Justifies The 'Upside Down'!

Stranger Things 'Upside Down' can now be owned...


Assembling a Lego set with an array of puzzle pieces is one thing while having to do it upside down is an all together different thing to do. When the words 'Upside Down' were made famous by the Netflix original, Stranger Things, few would have anticipated the show will have a Lego set that will actually make that happen.

Stranger Things: The Upside Down, based on the Netflix series, is a massive 2,287 piece brick-building set where half the set is overturned. The piece consists of the house of the Byers family, played by Winona Ryder, Charlie Heaton and Noah Schnapp in the show on the top side and the supernatural alien world of the Upside Down version of the house on the bottom though flipped.

The set is designed to be displayed on either side. It measures over 12”(32cm) tall, 17”(44cm) wide and 8”(21cm) deep. Lego is aiming for a shared building experience with this one, pointing out that the sections of the house come in 11 bags and that the real world and Upside Down houses can be built concurrently, if that’s your thing.  

The set comes with eight mini-figures (Eleven, Mike Wheeler, Lucas Sinclair, Dustin Henderson, Will Byers, Joyce Byers, Chief Jim Hopper and the Demogorgon) and all the key accessories from the show such as slingshots, walkie-talkies, coffee mug and Eleven’s waffle.

I want it.

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