Starry Tantrums in Reality Shows!!

Celebrity reality shows are the new fad of the time. We not only get to see our favorite stars entertaining us but we are also getting to see the "not very entertaining" real side of some of them too.

Today in the midst of reality shows, we get to see the real side of many actor/actresses.
Celluloid or small screen gives these actors name and fame and even before they realize, their popularity rises sky high. But not all can take this rise in status in their stride. Some really lose their connection to the ground and get dizzy in fame. They start behaving as stars and with celebrities appearing in so many shows, this real side is becoming too conspicuous.  
Roping in celebrities to take part in reality shows is the current fad ruling television channels. Multifaceted celebrities, usually the popular ones from different shows are chosen as contestants and presented in celebrity reality shows. These celebrities in turn cash in on their popularity and play a major part in making these shows popular and earn the channel high TRPs. Some notable examples of such famous shows are – Jhalak Dikhla Jaa, Nach Baliye, Jjhoom India and many others. The success of these celebrity shows has opened the floodgates and now almost all channels have followed suit to have at least one such show.   

Many acts of these stars are now showing that they are unable to get their star status out of their system. How can anyone forget the actions of Shekhar Suman and Sanjeevani in Jjhoom? A judge of the caliber of Anandji of Kalyanji Anandji fame was put down by them when he went on to criticize their singing as a judge in the show. The same show saw Chavi Mittal behaving the same way with the judges Mahesh Bhatt and Shabana Azmi when Chavi’s singing was criticized. Few weeks back we saw the same happening with Gauri Pradhan when she faced the flak from the judges on her below the mark performance in the Balaji reality show “Kabhii Kabhie Pyaar Kabhii Kabhie Yaar”. And now the latest one to join the bandwagon of “starry behavior” is Twinkle Bajpai in another Balaji show “Lux Kaun Jeetega Bollywood Ka Ticket”. Twinkle never left a chance to put down other contestants in the earlier rounds but when she found herself at the bottom, she preferred walking out of the show instead of facing the criticism from others. These are just few!!!  
Stars showing tantrums when faced with criticism is becoming a common factor now in these celebrity reality shows. They forget that they may be a celebrity, but when it comes to such contests they are simply participants and should leave their star status out of the sets. Making a mockery of the judges or suddenly finding fault with the format when put in a negative situation is not the right attitude for a contestant. As a contestant, accepting criticism or eliminations need to be taken in a sporting spirit. One can always express unhappiness behind the screen and not openly.

Is it the lack of sporting spirit, or inability to believe that they can be criticized too or is it some attention seeking tactics? Or is it some scripted drama just to raise the TRP? Whatever it may be, it sure raises the question mark on their behavior!!

Author: Barnali 

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milind is looking horrible doesnt he look in the mirror

16 years ago

actually its Sir Richard Branson
me h8 him really lol i ave 2pay a bomb 4 my internet bill since da fool took over ntl world in the uk, but sir ur train service rocks gettz me 2 uni on tym

16 years ago

WOW Bhasker.T is that u saying sore looseR? ?? WOWWW

15 years ago

If so called great actors like Shekhar Suman,Chavi Mittal,Gauri Pradhan, Twinkle thinks that they r very much talented,than why r they participating in these reality shows.....they should know unka yeh behaivour dekhake unke bache kuche fans bhi bhag jayenge.

15 years ago

i love gauri she is a sweet and humble person and i support her the judges are rude and harsh i mean they are not perfoming for the olympics its only a show and most of them are actors and not professional dancers so they should give them more time to get into the dance perfomance in gauri s case mahesh bhatt was so mean to her she nevr got a chance to prove herself love to seee her back on the show through wild card

15 years ago

i dunno bout these shows..........but one reality show thts getting SRGMP challenge 2009!!!! i luved the show last yr...and its okay this yr....but iv always hated how himesh wud strt blaberring frm the middle of nowhere!!!!!!!!!!!!

15 years ago

Shekhar's action I still remember clearly. He had insulted Anandji. That was too bad. Chavi's remark fr Shabanaji was just too bad.

But Gauri Pradhan Tejwani and Twinkle were no less. Twinkle did the whole thing because she knew she was going to get eliminated now. Sore Looser!!!!

And Gauri. Well whole thing was finally scripted =)))) But surprising that how could she agree to play such deplorable drama. But then maybe it was not such a big issue as she has a tendency to show displeasures at the drop of hat. She is a good actress no doubt but she need to remember that just by doing few handful of serials don't make you a superstar. As advil said do go and see real superstars. Even they don't behave as Twinkle or Gauri behaved.

15 years ago

hahahahaha.....hahahahaha some people wanted articles as proof to show them that their favorite behaved in a brattish manner and now when here is actually an article that hits the nail on the head, then they say it is one sided.... now how fast views change...!! hahahahaha

Judges should know that these TV actors are celebrities....hahahaha... what about the judges , are they not celebrities? ek do serial kiya nahi ki so many tantrums, at this rate superstars to wont walk only they should fly..... but the irony is most of these supserstars are pretty down to earth. When one is in contest - he or she is merely a participant. nothing more nothing less. One who thinks no end of himself or herself is the biggest loser in this world.

One who forgets the roots and gets lost in ones new found success, well what can one feel for them besides pity !!!!! Whther be it Sekhar, or Chavi or Gauri, or Twinkle , they just proved with their behavior they are too ordinary - one without humility is no personality at all ,star to uske baad.l..... shame on them !!!

15 years ago

ii think who evre has watched the epi they knwo it very well what happened soo plzzz gauri didnt do anythign wrong........

15 years ago

Some people are trying their best with their ONESIDED VIEWS ABT Ght and kkpkky alas they cant get ANY PROOF as for wht ever gauri tejwani said she said it in a dignified manner no wonder she got praises and support not just form toi but also in screen .Not just gauri tejwani is the MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL but also a very dignified person . aND WHT EVER SHE SAID WAS DECIDED BY HER AND HITEN TEJWANI and they did nothing wrong they broke no rule because hiten did dance with nandini asper the rules .neeways i dont want to go into all this but we r totally proud of GHT :) God bless them :)))))))rest abt twinlkle well she got over board she did create a scene .

15 years ago

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