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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker: Don’t be Amazed to suffer Disappointment!

A finale that touted to be the best, but turns out to be a massive failure on the big screen...


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Somehow, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’s trailer created a huge hype amongst the fans, and it was supposed to end the finale with a bang! Alas, we yet again see another failure from third-generation films. It manages to clip the wings of your expectations, and the last hope seems to be lost in the abyss. J J Abrams did not even try to come to terms with the sequels which were genuinely satisfactory on some levels. 

The first and second-generation films were bound by a specific set of parameters (Tone, Plot, Exposition) and the legacy created by George Lucas. Rise of Skywalker appeared to be boundless with its undefined characters and whole narration of the plot which makes it too obvious. 

So far, the previous films from the franchise set the bar way too high and it had a rather dramatic clause which kept the audience glued to the whole idea. The adventures of Skywalkers, Solo and Chewie (Not to forget the droids) had a terrific impact of the audience and they managed to keep you in the sphere of the exposition, but gone are the days when ‘Lucasfilms’ sets a benchmark in the genre of sci-fi.

The current episode unveils several preexisting questions and do not be blown if you hit the jackpot because half of the theories already hint at the secrets of the series. If Rey’s origins have been haunting you, then you don't have to wait anymore, in fact, the film knocks these secrets right on your face. The film lacks the subtlety that each and every previous film had.

You'd definitely find the answers here but frankly, it's really hard to gulp and somehow it doesn't match up. 

The sequences in J.J. Abrams and Chris Terrio’s Star Wars are way too similar to that of the first trilogy that made its way in 1977 and there’s nothing extravagant that would please you. It's just Rey doing Jedi tricks and guess what even if she tried her best, the director made it worst.

Why would someone focus more on visuals than the exposition? J.J’s Star Wars does and believe me it isn't worth it. 

Starring an ensemble from the last film, the Rise of Skywalker also features Late Carrie Fisher and this definitely wasn't the best of her works. If they had to end the legacy, why didn't they end it in the last film itself? There was no need to drag her in the finale and it seems rather unnecessary.  

The major flaws dominantly rule the screen space and the plot twists are far more disappointing! These ubiquitous mistakes are a total turn off and it gets really difficult to deal with them. 

The film starts off promisingly with griming visuals as Kylo Ren fills you with his dread on screen. The tone has been set at the right bar. But, as soon as you enter the second half of the film the plot seems to be deterred from its original track. 

The film definitely makes an impact on a visual scale but is that enough?  

The Rise of Skywalker is genuinely a bad pitch but for better or worse, it doesn't sum up to the expectations of the fans. Be ready to gulp the ending might not worth the hype.

Ratings: 2.5/5

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