Star One presents Standard Chartered Kisko Milega Cash

Star One, known for bringing versatile and unique shows to its audience, brings yet another unique game show - Kisko Milega Cash.

Star One
is famous for its one of a kind game shows right from Laughter Challenge to Bluffmaster. And yet again, they have come out with another original concept called Kisko Milega Cash- a game show where the contestants need to do just one simple thing, justify why they are in need of cash.

The show will be hosted by the effervescent and dynamic Vinod Sherawat, who also hosted Bluffmaster. The judges of the show include the poised Anil Dharker alongside with the lively Neena Gupta. These judges will be accompanied by some famous TV celebrities of the likes of Renuka Shahane, Sudha Chandran, Vidya Malvade, Shivaji Satam, Jaya Bhattacharya and Rucha Gujrati.

Speaking about the concept of the show and what drove him to come up with such a unique concept, Ravinath Menon, EVP and GM, Star One, says, “This show is one of a kind. And Star One has always been known for presenting its viewers with something that is exciting and apart from the norm, and we aim to do the same with Kisko Milega Cash. The whole show is about being for the people and by the people. Hence we decided to make it a in-house production. It is for real people with real needs.The main concept of the show is to award prize money to people who are actually in need of it. Each set of contestants, 3 per episode, are chosen by our creative team and will be judged by the viewers through SMS’s, in totality.

Further on the concept, he adds, “We will give each contestant a minute to tell theirneeds and why they should win the money. We will also be doing an extensive research on each of the contestants to verify the authenticity of the needs by questioning their neighbours, friends and family. It will be a 28 episode show, but we will be showing the first 20 episodes with three contestants each. The rest of the 8 episodes will be like a bumper episode where-in we will take contestants whose needs cannot be satisfied within five lakhs and here the winning prize will be 25 lakhs. If the show is appreciated by the audience, we will plan on bringing out another season of it. And each episode will showcase contestants from different walks of life.”

Vinod Sherawat, the host, says about the show, “There are a lot of talent shows happening on television, but no-one has come up with such a concept for a game show. All other shows have only been about making a rich celebrity richer, but this show is all about helping common man to fulfill his desires and dreams.

The show premiers on Star One on 3rd march, airing every Monday to Thursday at 10 pm.

Reporter and Author: Melanie
Pictures : Supriyo Das

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Neena Gupta

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16 years ago

it seems to b gud....lets chk dis out also...

16 years ago

Another copy of an American show... but this time its a good thing, it could actually help people in real need..!

16 years ago

this show looks like the previous heart beat...i hope it is interesting and not boring like that

16 years ago

i thin the concept is quit innovative... great going... fianlly, needs are given importance over wants and greed...

16 years ago

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