SS Rajamouli to Ayan Mukerji & Prasanth Varma: 5 Directors who are ruling the VFX game & reinventing films

Over these years, the quality of content that Indian cinema has been dishing out has grown quite a lot.

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Over these years, the quality of content that Indian cinema has been dishing out has grown quite a lot. Not just in terms of storytelling, but even with technical aspects like VFX, many Indian filmmakers are bringing Indian films to the Hollywood level. Be it SS Rajamouli who left us jaw dropped with Baahubali and RRR, or Ayan Mukerji who gave us a never-seen-before visual treat with Brahmastra. Now joining this brigade of mavericks with an amazing vision in VFX is director Prasanth Varma who is surely going to change the game with Hanu-Man. Heavily banking on VFX, Prasanth is bringing a spectacular story under the Prasanth Varma Cinematic Universe (PVCU). 

Here are 5 directors who know how to use VFX to their best disposal and bring brilliant stories out with it…

1. Ayan Mukerji (Brahmastra)

Director Ayan Mukerji has heavily banked on VFX for his trilogy Brahmastra. With Part One: Shiva leaving the audiences mesmerized, the director truly showed everyone the wonders VFX can do if used brilliantly. 

2. Prasanth Varma  (Hanu-Man)

Some time back director Prasanth Varma announced his cinematic universe PVCU. While Hanu-Man is the first film under it, it is going to be quite the game changer with its VFX. In fact, Prasanth’s vision for the film is surreal and something that will certainly make this young director a force to reckon with in Indian cinema. 

3. Sanjay Leela Bhansali (Padmaavat)

While we all know that Sanjay Leela Bhansali is a legend amongst Bollywood filmmakers, he is celebrated for the films he brings to the big screens. Elaborate sets, great storylines, and recently even stunning VFX have been SLB’s signature style. Particularly in Padmaavat, SLB aced his VFX game to a great extent leaving many spellbound. 

4. SS Rajamouli (Baahubali & RRR)

Director SS Rajamouli is to South cinema, what SLB is to Bollywood. In fact, Rajamouli is a genius, the maverick whose RRR brought India an Oscar last year. Having said that, Rajamouli is also one of the pioneers in changing Indian cinema’s narrative with breathtaking VFX in Baahubali and then RRR

5. Prasanth Neel (KGF)

Another director who left the viewers charmed was Prasanth Neel who banked majorly on VFX in his films KGF and KGF 2. Not just did he brilliantly use VFX, but he even showed how a greatly executed VFX-heavy story can go on to become a success. 

While these 5 mavericks go on to make wonders with VFX, tell us who is your favorite from the lot?

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