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Splitsvilla X3: Jay-Aditi become the ideal match; Boombam team receive hatred

Here’s what’s in the store for the viewers of MTV Splitsvilla X3

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Nikhil Malik, Jay Dudhane, Aditi Rathore, Riya Kishanchandani, Shivam Sharma and Pallak Yadav

Splitsvilla is one of the most loved and popular reality shows on Indian television. The show is in its thirteenth season and has got a lot of fans’ adulations. The show has a stellar ensemble of contestants while hosts Rannvijay Singha and Sunny Leone add more value to the show with their charm.

Season thirteen of the show began with a bang. The contestants got divided into two groups namely ‘Let’s Do It’ and ‘Boombam’ based on their friendships and their rivalries with other contestants. Roadies Revolution fame Kevin Almasifar is the face of the ‘Let’s Do It’ gang which also has contestants like Kat Kristian, Nikita Bhamidipati, Samarthya Gupta, Gary Lu among others. The ‘Boombam’ gang has contestants Shivam Sharma, Nikhil Malik, Jay Dudhane, Pallak Yadav, Aditi Rajput, and Bhoomika Vasishth.

In the upcoming episode, the contestants gear up for ‘Bun Bann Ke’ task wherein Shivam and Pallak perform along with Jay and Aditi. Meanwhile Nikhil-Bhoomika chooses Samruddhi Jadhav and Trevon Dias. Nikhil states that he is not really fond of Avantika Sharma and Nikita Bhamidipati respectively and hence didn’t want to perform with them.

Nikhil adopts a strategy to underperform and make the other team win as both the couples performing are his close friends. The other contestant strongly opininate against Nikhil’s strategy, however, Nikhil puts across his firm stand that if he wouldn’t do that, his friends will get eliminated. Shivam, Pallak, Jay and Aditi win the golden opportunity challenge. Jay requests Samruddhi and Trevon to vote for him in the dome session and in return he will make sure that they’re safe.

In the dome session, Dhruv and Sapna get a power to save one couple and they save Arushi and Vyomesh. When asked Shivam and Pallak announces that if they’re selected, they’ll go to the silver oracle and check their compatibility. The contestants vote in Jay and Aditi’s favor and the duo states that they would want to dump Trevon and Samruddhi. Trevon-Samruddhi gets shocked as they trusted Jay. Jay apologises. Later, Jay also stated that it’s a collective decision made by him and Aditi. While Garry is his priority and Nikita is Aditi’s priority; they couldn’t dump any of these couples and hence they were left with no other option but to dump Trevon and Sam.

Furthermore, Jay and Aditi become the ideal match which led to Trevon and Samruddhi’s elimination, however, Rannvijay announces that the first ideal match Kevin and Kat can save one amongst Samruddhi-Trevon. After a long discussion, Kevin and Kat decides to dump Samruddhi and save Trevon.

Audience will also witness Kevin and Kat’s argument as Kat was against the entire lot voting in favour of Jay and Aditi. She stated that Shivam and Pallak doesn’t look like an ideal match and hence they should vote for them, however, Kevin was adamant that everyone should vote in favour of Jay and Aditi. This decision made by Kevin backfired his friends.

Samruddhi bids an emotional goodbye to everyone while her bestfriends Nikita and Kat break down in tears.

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