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Splitsvilla X3: Dhruv Malik sent to Silver Villa; ‘Let’s do it’ gang defeats ‘Boombam’

While Nikita and Trevon become the compatible couple, #KatVin’s ‘Let’s do it’ gang defeats ‘Boombam’ in a challenge.

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Dhruv, Kevin and Kat

Courtesy : Dhruv's Instagram and VOOT

MTV Splitsvilla X3 is becoming interesting with each passing episode.

Last week, Samarthya Gupta and Avantika Sharma won the challenge and had the power to save one couple. The duo choose Nikita Bhamidipati and Trevon Dias. The contestants had to vote among Nikita-Trevon or Avantika-Samarthya to go in front of the oracle. Both the couple wished to go in front of the silver oracle. Contestants voted in favour of Nikita and Trevon and they turned out to be the compatible couple. They got a power to de-throne any one couple from the Golden villa and get them in the silver side. Nikita and Trevon voted for Nikhil-Bhoomika. However, Ideal match Jay and Aditi who won the ‘Serves You Right’ challenge along with Sam-Avantika, got a chance to either retain Nikhil-Bhoomika in the golden side or dump any one contestant. Jay-Aditi chose to retain Nikhil-Bhoomika in the golden villa.

The ball again goes in Nikita and Trevon’s court as they’re asked to de-throne anyone among Sapna-Dhruv from the golden side. They pick Dhruv and send him back to the silver villa. This leaves Sapna and Dhruv in tears. However, they promise to never make a connection with other contestants.

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In the next task called ‘Couple Goals’, both the teams i.e team ‘Let’s do it’ and ‘Boombam’ compete against each other. The team is headed by #KatVin and #JayDiti respectively. Jay-Aditi’s team had contestants like Nikhil, Shivam, Pallak, Bhoomika, Trevon and Aarushi while Kat-Kevin’s team had Sapna, Dhruv, Gary, Avantika and Nikita. The challenge was divided into two parts wherein in the first round, the girls would try to score the goals and in second round the boys do the same. While ‘Boombam’ girls performed exceedingly well, the boys failed to create an impression which made #KatVin the winner of the task.

The entire ‘Boombam’ gang can be in trouble in the upcoming episodes.

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