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'Spirituality is the root, family the ground' - Karnvir Bhora

The very dashing Karnvir Bhora certainly has his feet well-placed on the ground. Here is the actor talking about the importance of spirituality, hard work, priorities in life...

Published: Sunday,Jul 06, 2008 12:06 PM GMT-06:00
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What are you passionate about?
I am passionate about my wife, acting, reading and dancing.

How important to you is spirituality, your family, and your professional identity?
I think spirituality is the base of all things. Spirituality helps you to balance your mind and if your mind is balanced, then you have a very good relation with your family and friends. Also, a balanced mind helps you to take proper decisions in professional life also. All three are actually inter-related. I can say that spirituality is the root, family is the ground and all other things including profession are the fruits.

So how do you work on your passions?
Whatever I do I give it my 100 percent whether its is celebrating my anniversary, rehearsing for a song or even working on a big project. And when you give 100 percent to something, that means you are passionate. Passion is not only about love, it is about everything and anything you do.

In this hectic life when you hardly get time for yourself, what helps you to keep going?
I meditate a lot; at least I give half an hour to myself and I believe in the saying 'Keep Walking'. Good times or bad times, we have to keep walking ahead. Meditation keeps the mind relaxed, as mind can be our best friend as well as biggest enemy also.

What do you do in your leisure time?
I love to watch movies with my wife. She is a Censor Board, so I prefer watching movies with her (grins)..

What's your idea of relaxation?
Reading newspapers..

What are your hobbies?
I like dancing a lot and the best part of this profession is that we can fulfill all our hobbies - I can dance, horse ride, act etc...

What are your priorities in life?
I think priorities in life changes according to the situation you are in. Right now my priority in life is my work. When I become a father time my priorities will change.

What do you consider your biggest stress buster?
There are lot of things, starting from listening to good music to spending time with wife and friends. I think people should learn from children and live for the moment. I learn a lot from my niece.

Who is your biggest energy booster?
My wife...

Do you see exercising as a good stress buster?
I am a fitness freak. I work a lot and I recently I got motivated when I was shooting for Kismat Konnection. The trainer of Shahid Kapoor is awesome and when I used the see his intensity, it inspired me a lot. I even told Shahid that I am taking his trainer to be mine.. Now that I am done with the shooting, I am getting trained under him.

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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crazy4bollywood 15 years ago YAY! Can't wait to see what's in store!!!
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afreen_14 14 years ago he is soo loving husband dat is something great about him he is a fine actor and rocking dancer
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das67 14 years ago very caring & loving husband that sounds very sweet
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Vitna 14 years ago wow cant wait to see him in kismat konnection!
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_SuMmEr_LoVe_ 14 years ago he love his wife alot LOL

can't wait for kismat konnection
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desilife4eva 14 years ago hez in kismat konnection!!!!
i have to watch it my 2 most fave ppl on screen together [shahid and manoj] ahhh XD XD XD
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xsimzxchickx 14 years ago shahid kapoor's trainer must be good! i luv the way karanvir dances!
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[email protected] 14 years ago thatz true he really loves his wife alotttt!!!!!
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samyrima 14 years ago koi new show kyu nahi kar raha ? i miss him like PREM , plz prem backkkkkkkkkkkkkkk , i wanna c u once again, in some new serial
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adventure_gurl 14 years ago Nice to see he loves his wife very much!
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