Soumya Seth on domestic abuse in marriage, divorce & son Ayden

Though she has barely spoken about it as of yet, Seth now opened up on length about facing domestic abuse, going through a divorce and now her life surrounding around her son, Ayden.


Actor Soumya Seth has been off the TV screens for almost five years now and is in fact living in Virginia, US for a few years now.

It is known how the actor first got married to Arun Kapoor back in 2017 but soon her marriage hit troubled waters and it was reported how she faced domestic abuse during her marriage.

Even though she has barely spoken about it as of yet, Seth now opened up on length about facing domestic abuse, going through a divorce and now her life surrounding around her son, Ayden.

In an interview with ETimes TV, Seth first said, "I am in Virginia, USA, and I am enjoying motherhood to the fullest. I got divorced in June 2019. I'm in a happy place. I feel so loved by my family and especially by my son Ayden, who is three and a half years old."

When asked about going through that phase, she said, "That was in 2017, right before Ayden was born, I was married and pregnant and trying to figure out ways to commit suicide until my parents came to Virginia. They tried to help me and brought me back from the brink. I remember this one time when I was standing in front of the mirror, unable to recognise my own self. I was completely bruised. I didn't eat for several days even though I was pregnant. I couldn't dare to look at the mirror for a few days and when I finally did, I just wanted to end my life. However, I was pregnant. And that's when I felt that if I die my child would not know how much I love him/her. He would have to live without a mother for the rest of his life. I could kill myself but could never think of harming my own child. So yes, that's how my son Ayden saved my life."

When asked he is planning to return to India someday, she said, "I miss India so much!! I would choose India 1000 times over any part of the world. I am not thinking of travelling only because of Covid or else I would be there with Ayden so I can show him all the colors of India from Kerala to Kashmir."

Finally, when asked if she's planning to return to acting anytime soon, "Iā€™m on to new adventures. I enjoy acting, It was such a fun and creative outlet for me. I am passionate about it, being able to play different roles makes me so happy. Since, I am not actively looking for projects I can't say when I'll be on screen again. On the other hand, I am into real estate; I am a licensed realtor here in Virginia. I believe in making the most of what you have, hence I am exploring new avenues for a small business in India. I'm checking if I can extend help to any Indian who wants to launch their products or services here in Virginia. There is a huge scope."

Seth made a massive debut over 10 years ago with Navya and was last seen in Chakravarti Ashok Samrat.

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All the best to you Soumya and wish you and Ayden much strength and love

3 years ago

It's good to read about her. Used to be a fan & years ago read about her situation. Felt bad but she is not on SNS so it's hard. It's good to know she's doing well.

Life happens but glad that she is happy again. šŸ’›

3 years ago

we love you soumya .you are still as much as beautiful as you were 10 yrs ago .

3 years ago

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