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Sony's YRF shows get new time slots...

As part of Sony's strategic move during the IPL season, the YRF band of shows get new time slots starting this weekend...


We had already reported that Sony Entertainment Television is geared up to bring some changes in the time slots of its prime time shows. As reported earlier, Pyaar Ka Bandhan will now be aired at the 8 PM slot instead of 10.30 PM from March 1st.

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The latest is that the YRF weekend band shows will also see a change in slots, from this weekend. As per our source, "Mahi Way will now be aired every Friday at the 8PM slot, followed by Seven at the 9 PM slot on Friday. Life Kara De will be aired on Saturday between 8-9.30 PM and will now on, be a one and half hour program. Crime Patrol extends thro the weekend, and will be aired at 9.30 PM every Saturday, in addition to the daily episodes. Sony will air one or the other event every Sunday at 8 PM. will get a slot in the mid week instead of the weekends, and will air at 11 PM every Wednesday. Powder will air at 11 PM every Thursday".

The latest changes have been made by the channel and production house after doing a thorough research on the time slots that will get them more viewers, especially during the IPL season.

When contacted, Ajay Bhalwankar, Programming Head, Sony confirmed the news about the change in timing of most of their shows and said, "The changes have been made keeping the viewers' response in mind to the particular time slots and also the IPL season".

We hope this change gives the channel more stability when it comes to ratings…

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh


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ISano 10 years ago i didnt like the lift kara de slot it was better before with two days episode so glad they didnt do the same with salman khan episode so glad they decided after it
~*mishu*~ 10 years ago rishta on wednesdays?? and that too at 11?? thats bad!!
tho i like the mahi way timings :)
dua_44ever 10 years ago I don't mind Mahi way on friday but why is rishta on wedesday? ugh!
punjabi.princes 10 years ago and Mahi Way are the 2 only good nonfiction shows from YRF.

SOO they should both be placed on Friday evenings. I don't think having on a weeknight @ 11pm will help..they should have put Seven
dhruvshenoy2010 10 years ago I don't think 11 p.m. is bad timing u see Aahat is doing quite well at 11 p.m. slot in weekends and also there is no competition from other channels also. You find only the repeat telecast of the daily soaps at 11 p.m. So 11 p.m. is good timing at they can earn ratings also. That is what channel needs, Sony is desperate to earn TRPs. The channel that ruled along with Zee in late 90s and also during Jassi...days is finding hard to bring in more viewers these days.
-Imu.M- 10 years ago Well I am glad Mahi Way is on Friday!
That's the only show i watch from the Five YRF Shows Tongue
Piasengupta21 10 years ago Finally at decent time..... are yaar Kayamath & kahin to hoga were top shows in 11.oo pm
viewobs 10 years ago Probable because no shows at 11. Maybe the timing will work. Earlier Kahin to hoga ran at 11. Most other slots would have meant heavy competition. Even then, i wish they would've kept it on a reasonable slot.
wida 10 years ago timing are just :S:S:S
in weekend and so late who will watch it??
mishti_17 10 years ago 11pm is no time slot..UnhappyYou guys couldnt give a decent slot to Powder n Rishta.Com??Anyways happy that Mahi Way did get a decent timing...
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