Sony SAB’s Vanshaj gears up for a glorious celebration for 75 years of the Mahajan Group

Noted television actors Jay Bhanushali, Tina Dutta, Akanksha Puri set to join the celebrations along with the cast of the show. Read on to know more.

- By "Team India Forums"
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A much-awaited event, the Mahajan Group's 75th Anniversary is on the horizon and promises to be a star-studded event with leading television actors Jay Bhanushali, Tina Dutta and Akanksha Puri joining the Mahajans from Sony SAB’s recently launched Vanshaj, as they celebrate this momentous milestone. A thought-provoking family drama, Vanshaj, has been winning accolades as the story delves into the intricate family dynamics and inheritance of a prominent business empire. 

As the preparations for the Mahajan Group’s 75th Anniversary are on in full swing, Yuvika (played by Anjali Tatrari) who is entrusted with the task of preparing an audio-visual tribute to the founding members of the group, grapples with a crisis. Little does she know that devious plans were about to be executed by her cousin DJ (played by Mahir Pandhi), a cunning and manipulative Mahajan. In a curious twist of events Yuvika finds her work is stealthily replaced with another presentation. As she confidently starts her presentation on stage, the unexpected disaster unfolds leaving Yuvika devastated. The show is poised to move on to unknown terrains, with interesting characters unfolding their true colours.

Will DJ succeed in humiliating Yuvika, and if so, what will Yuvika do when she discovers the swap? 

Anjali Tatrari, who plays the character of Yuvika, said, “The upcoming twists are sure to leave the audiences shocked as well as concerned towards Yuvika as she faces a major manipulation in her journey to prove her capability of becoming the female heir of the Mahajan Group. As an artist, it’s an exciting opportunity for me to push boundaries and do justice to the emotions that Yuvika is going through while portraying the character on-screen. Amidst all the tension, viewers can also brace themselves for a celebration like no other with the biggest stars under one roof rejoicing the Mahajan Group’s 75-year milestone."

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