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Sonam Kapoor is making the most of her star power; Creates a one-stop destination to help people

Known for inspiring people with her actions, Sonam Kapoor Ahuja’s ‘Guide section’ helps many find solutions amid the pandemic...

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Sonam Kapoor

Courtesy : Sonam Kapoor

India has been struggling to find its foot amid the Covid crisis. As the cases surge every day, the nation is grappling under unprecedented circumstances. Sonam Kapoor Ahuja has been working day and night to help her countrymen fight this dreaded disease. 

Touted as the voice of change, the phenomenal actress is known for always standing up for a cause. Leading by example, Sonam has always inspired people through her actions. 

The leading actress was among the first celebrities to start the positive trend of amplifying Covid related information. Her Instagram handle has now become the one-stop destination for all the resourceful Guides. 

Apart from pushing queries and requests for help, the stunner has crafted verified ‘Guides’ to help the nation with the relevant information. The Guide section of her page caters to four different issues - Donations, Donating Plasma, Caring for someone in hospital with Covid-19, Getting vaccinated, and Recovering from Covid-19 at home. 

The actress recently added Guide to Donations on her page, where she listed down organisations one can contribute to that will help procure resources for people affected by COVID-19.

Her other Guides also offers a detailed process, help, resourceful links, and contacts to help people in distress, crisis, or confusion. The information collated by the actress has been fact-checked and verified before being uploaded.

The systematic dissemination of information has helped many people across the nation. In the era where there is a flood of advice online, the fashionista’s methodical way of communication is coming handy for people in need. 

Sonam has been winning hearts for selflessly working towards the welfare of her countrymen amid pandemic.

Sonam Kapoor

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WoZindagi 1 months ago starpower? in which world? lol
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ChickenSoup 1 months ago Star power? LOOOOOL! Now that’s a good joke right there. 😂😂
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brat2008 1 months ago Lol! Sonam & star power 😂
She only shoots her mouth and rest go around doing damage control 😤
Anything for attention 🙄
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nitrit9s 1 months ago Lol some bollywood stars will do anything to get sttention
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luvumjht 1 months ago Good joke, Sonan has star power. If she wants to help, tell her to make silent donations. Charity for publicity is publicity.
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sunshine333 1 months ago All movies flop had to push ads on insta to get followers. What star power. It is questionable if she is even a “star” anymore
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