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Sonali Bendre BACK IN THE HOSPITAL; Cancer treatment resumes

She shared this picture from the hospital which gave us inspiration and goosebumps both at the same time


After sharing the news about cancer last year, Sonali Bendre literally shook the ground below our feet. She shared her daunting journey of battling with the disease too and gave us many goosebumps along the way. She is now the strongest woman we know and she has embraced her new self in a way that it has inspired people to a whole new level. 

Today Sonali took to her Instagram and shared her next round of battle with Cancer. In the picture she can be seen sitting in the hospital with a cannula on one hand. Her bed in the background and that warrior smile on her face. She wrote,"Another kind of outfit and another kind of accessory... just a small pit stop from the roller coaster we call life! Back home and back to #MyNewNormal #OneDayAtATime #SwitchOnTheSunshine".

Have a look:

Sonali, very recently, even showed off the 20 inch scar she had after her surgery. She has embraced it as her new normal and we are so happy to see her being so brave throughout this all. True inspiration, isn't she? 

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Sonali Bendre

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