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Smriti Kalra: I am living and I'm enjoying the love that I am encashing for Cash

Smriti Kalra talks about her recently released movie Cash on Disney+Hotstar.

Published: Tuesday,Nov 23, 2021 09:18 AM GMT-07:00
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Smriti Kalra

Actress Smriti Kalra has made a perfect film debut and there seems to be no stopping her now. The actress is currently seen playing the lead in the film Cash which was recently released on Disney+Hotstar. The film stars Smriti Kalra alongside Amol Parashar and Kavin Dave. The actress in the past has given some powerful performances in shows like Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara, Suvreen Guggal, Iti Si Khushi and 12/24 Karol Bagh. On speaking about her role Smriti kalra says ........ 

1) Firstly congratulations on your film debut Cash!  How has been your experience with the film? 

Thank you so very much! I am inundated with messages congratulating me and everybody is saying that “we didn’t expect but what a surprise, what a fun ride Cash film is” And people are loving my performance. Something new for me as an actor and it’s a fun family entertainer. This script is witty, fresh and if you haven’t watched the film and yet congratulating me, then please watch the film so that next time we both can talk more about the film Cash which is fantabulous. Thank you so much. It’s my debut film. Everything that is first, like the first love, first kiss, your first job and with that your first salary, your first slap….these very firsts have a special place in our lives.  Since this is my first film, it will always be the most special in my life. With this film I also got an opportunity to do comedy but a comedy which has a different edge to it.  You know that comedy has various genres like slapsticks or comedy which depends on physicality or appearances. This role that I play is so restrained, contained and she uses her face and she is what she is. So the experience has been very amazing, Vishesh as a producer is amazing, I mean to bet your money on an actor and cast her as the leading lady shows a lot of trust. I am really happy and honored by the love and support shown by our director Rishabh Seth.   

2) How has the switch been from tv to OTT?

To be honest I didn’t feel any switch from Tv to OTT. The only time I feel a switch is when I am moving on to the next role after I am done playing a particular role or on the set when the director says cut and you come out of that character and become yourself again.  That is the only time I feel the switch. Apart from that, any platform an actor has to perform and that is exactly what I do and I am thoroughly enjoying whatever I am doing. I am loving it! On thinking about your question and If I have to be elaborate on  my journey. I will say that I have very consciously chosen all the projects and have patiently waited for the right ones. Have really worked hard to deliver for my projects. So it is not a switch exactly. It is my journey from Tv to music videos to award winning short films to now a feature film, the journey has been very fulfilling.  

3) Please tell us about your role as Neha ?

Neha is the character I play. Yet again this is something very different and totally 180 degrees from what I am. Neha is a very Jugaadu girl and she has all possible contacts on her phone. As in if anything needs to be done, she uses her contacts to propel ahead and move forward. And the way she is, she needs her cut on everything and she won’t even bat an eyelid before she double crosses you. Till she doesn’t see any benefit for herself she won't waste time. This is something that I have never played and for this I have changed my voice too. In fact I am getting a lot of messages praising my voice for this role. I had made my voice a little heavy for this, her mannerisms include being feisty, fierce, she is street smart and she is strong. Many people including critics are telling me that I am holding my presence. And this is how the character Neha was written by the writers Aarsh Vora, the director Rishabh Seth and Vishesh, who worked on this script together. She stands her ground amongst all these boys as she is the only girl in the movie and she is the one who is leading all these guys.  I have portrayed something that was written and it was fun to do so. And the appreciation that I am getting is like Woohoo! 


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4) Your characters on screen have always been strong. Any particular efforts you have taken towards it ? 

When you reach a platform in any field where some people listen to you and understand and maybe even follow your words and as they say power comes responsibility. I feel if you're lucky enough that people listen to you and follow you then I think that I'm responsible to deliver characters who have a strong core and a strong character. I have played a character who was shy and reserved in the first project 12/24 Karol Bagh that I did.  But yet there is strength in silence as well.  Even though I played a timid girl, I am sure there were strengths in her character and backbone. So this is something that I really look forward to in all the roles that I've played. I feel that I owe it  to my fans and I enjoy them also, because you always try to find those similarities between you and the character that you are playing to make it more relatable and real so that the audience connects.  

5) Your future projects?

At present, I am living and I'm enjoying the love that I am encashing for Cash. But to answer your question about my future projects. I have completed the filming of my second film. We shot in Sikkim. I am also associated with a project with Amazon audible. This is the first time I have lent my voice to character, a genre again which is very different- it is an erotica thriller. We have meetings and script readings and narrations that are going on this week

Smriti Kalra

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