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Smriti Irani has Brutally Bashed Deepika Padukone; Accused her of Supporting Destruction

Smriti Irani has given her Piece of Mind to Deepika Padukone and Slammed her for Supporting the Destruction of the Nation...


Courtesy : India Forums

Deepika Padukone is landing herself in trouble one after the other. Her film Chhapaak has release today and has been receiving mixed reviews from the audience and the critics.

The actress has been time and again facing some or the other backlash in the days gone by. Recently, there were reports that she along with her Chhappak team has conned Laxmi and has not paid her the due amount that she deserves.

Earlier, a writer had also claimed that the story of Chhapaak was his in the court. Meanwhile, the premiere of Chhapaak was held on Wednesday night in Mumbai where Laxmi Agarwal was present along with the team of Chhapaak and the following morning, the lawyer who represents Laxmi had released her official statement about filing a case against Deepika. Also, a few days ago, a writer had also claimed that the story of Chhapaak was his in the court.

Apart from all these legal cases, Deepika found herself in another mess after she joined the protest at JNU in New Delhi and her this move divided the netizens. A few were supporting her and the rest are boycotting her film Chhapaak for the same reason. 

The 34-year-old actress has since been facing the wrath of social media, the hashtag #BoycottChhapaak remained a top trend on Twitter for some time. Some even called her move a promotional stunt for her upcoming film Chhapaak.

Courtesy : India Forums

Now Union Minister and former TV actress Smriti Irani has reacted to Deepika Padukone’s visit at the JNU campus in support of protesting students. Speaking at an event in Chennai on Thursday, “I would rather know what her political affiliation is than not know. I think that anybody who has read the news knew where you are going to stand... knew that you are standing with people who wanted the destruction of India… knew that they are standing with people who celebrate every time a CRPF jawan is killed.” 

She further added, “I can’t deny her that right that she will stand next to people who will beat up other girls who don’t see eye-to-eye ideologically in private parts. That’s her freedom. She made her political affiliation known in 2011 that she supports the Congress party. It’s her right (to) stand next to people who say Bharat tere tukde honge.”

Check out her video below:


Smriti Zubin Irani Deepika Padukone Chhapaak 

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ChickenSoup 5 months ago BJP stands for Bharatiya Joker Party. No member of this party is to be taken seriously.
ishan2003 7 months ago Smriti needs to go back to acting and stop being in politics
tabby999 7 months ago Smiriti irani is totally right
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