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Sidharth Shukla & Paras' Fight in The Bigg Boss House Gets Nasty!

Bigg Boss 13 conestants, Sidharth Shukla and Paras Chhabra indulge into an ugly fight in the house post the report card activity of the guys.


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Last night we saw Devoleena who claimed to be the first queen of the BB 13 house. In today’s episode, a lot of heated arguments will change the fate of the relationships in the house. With a fast forward season, the contestants are giving in their best in every task. 

In tonight’s episode, the contestants wake up to the song ‘Paani wala dance’ assuming that there would be a task coming up today around the pool involving water. 

Let’s have a look at how the contestants in the house keep up with each other post the dramatic task for the race of the queen!

1. Aarti vs Paras

As Rashami begins to tell Aarti how she has been misjudging her because of a third person, Paras verbally attacks Aarti by stating that she tried to play cupid between him and Shehnaaz without a purpose. Aarti responded by telling him that she tried to solve their problems instead but eventually says that it was her biggest mistake and revealed she will never trust Paras again. 

Courtesy : Colors TV

2. Boy’s report card for the second week

While announcing this week’s report card session for the boys, Bigg Boss reveals that the boy who gets maximum black rings with take a step closer to the nominations of the coming week. As Bigg Boss bursted the boy’s ‘Galat faimi’, the tables turn suddenly and now the power is vested in the hands of girls. What will be the conclusion of the report card? 

Paras, who received maximum hearts from the ladies last week is left in shock as his own friends gives him the black heart and turn their back on him. 

Courtesy : Colors TV

  1. 3. Sidharth and Paras fight takes an ugly turn

As the housemates discuss the report card activity, what seemed minuscule erupt led into a disastrous fight between Paras and Sidharth Shukla. With a lot of accusations and blame game, the entire house gets involved in the fight which takes an extremely ugly route. 

Supporting Sidharth Shukla, Shehnaz tries to stop Koena when she questions her and calls her Sidharth’s manager.


Courtesy : Colors TV

4. Abu’s tantrum regarding food creates a problem for Rashami

Abu Malik throws in a major tantrum regarding eating boring food everyday which upsets Rashami who is responsible for making food for everyone.

Siddharth Shukla supports Abu’s demands of asking Rashami to make Egg Curry for him. In the process of trying to help Rashami make the egg curry, Paras wastes 14 eggs which didn’t go well with the housemates. 

Courtesy : Colors TV

5. Rashami's emotional breakdown

Rashami, later breaks down in front of Sidharth Dey, in whom she finds a companion. She tells him that she cooks food for everyone with all her heart and it takes a lot of effort and to fulfill everyone’s demands. 

Rashami who slept without having dinner, cried the entire night and revealed that Sidharth Shukla plays dirty and is a very fake person. 

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