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Siddharth Nigam on Aladdin going off air: No matter how big, it had to end someday

Recently, there was heartbreaking news for the fans of the show about it going off-air and here's what Sidharth Nigam has to say.

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Aladdin- Naam Toh Suna Hoga

 SAB TV show Aladdin: Naam Toh Suna Hoga has been ruling the hearts of the audiences ever since it aired for the first time on television. And recently, there was heartbreaking news for the fans of the show about it going off-air.

Media has recently reported that the show will go off air by January- February 2021.

India Forums got in touch with Siddharth Nigam to know his reaction on the same. The actor confirmed the news about the same and said," Yes, Aladdin is going off-air next Month. We haven't got any confirmation on the date. But all I can say is that the show is ending. We have completed three seasons and more than 600 episodes but no matter how big, it had to end someday. I am only happy for one thing that the show is going off-air on a good note. We made a brand and created a benchmark."

He added, "I am going to miss shooting for Aladdin which I can't express in words. It was a beautiful journey. Got a lot of love from my fans. I am going to miss my character, miss my set I loved doing Aladdin. It's very hard to leave it."f

Well, fans are surely going to miss Aladdin on television!


Siddharth Nigam Aladdin: Naam Toh Suna Hoga. 

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Umme Nayyara
Umme Nayyara 16 days ago Siddharth nigam acted like amazing in aladdin naam toh suna hoga but the show as to end. WISH IT COULD END WITH AVNEET KAUR OR NEVER END. But I think ashi is also a good actor she tried her best but she doesn't have that great bounding with siddharth like avneet has #sidneetforever
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Juhi_04 16 days ago From 2 months they butchered 3 positive male characters- Aladdin, AC, Jinu. Aladdin turned awful as he insulted Yasmine even she saved him twice from Zafar calling her insensitive words. Then he did not let her know Mucchad identity, wanted to make her puppet using a disgusting book with AC supporting him and ridiculously thinking it will bring both past lovers close. Then 3 of them making Yasmine unconscious and using her body as a puppet to trap Zeher and then dumping her in same place where Aladdin called her. Last week, on knowing Yasmine was a ruler in her past life, Aladdin said Jinu not tell Yasmine as she will fly high knowing she was a Sultana and how he wish her memory never returns. This same guy was hellbent on getting his mom's memory back but thinking like this for other woman. When he comes to know they were lovers in past life he thinks he can't fall in her trap in every life. So he tells her repeatedly to stay away from him in funny voice. Not only he insulted ex-ruler who most probably fought Zafar and died young acc. to him but also character shamed that same ex-ruler and insulted a true love story. If it was old Aladdin he would try to find more about it but not reacted in this cheap way. I stopped watching from last Monday exact 28 months from show on air as even if Aladdin-Yasmine reunites what all Aladdin did cannot be undone. After 500 episodes, new Aladdin character destroyed as till October he was okay. As for Yasmine, she is turned into a joke. Cvs made her a danger prone by getting her in danger every 2-3 days and only Aladdin saving when earlier she always saved herself except few times. In S1, only in Zain track she needed help. In S2, most of the times she was shown in problem due to her absence like dengue and 12th board. But now she is being played like a toy by most male characters. Because of this, many old viewers like me surely backed off.
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