Siddhant Karnick becomes the LATEST to receive this special HONOUR

The actor will be seen inspiring others...


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The platform of TedX is undoubtedly one of the greatest podiums in terms of offering inspiration to others as not only do the speakers have some insights to share but also in the most amazing ways at times.

In recent times, we have seen several actors get a chance to come on to the stage and share their experiences and journey. From the likes of Ravi Dubey to Priyank Sharma and many more, many have come on the stage to share and talk about several things. The latest to join this bandwagon is none other than actor Siddhant Karnick.

Siddhant's body of work needs no introduction as it ranges from being in part of shows like Remix to Mahi Way and most recently in Mere Sai. Not only is the actor amazing with his acting chops but is also a successful vlogger. The actor will be seen at TedX, Nashik-
We wish Siddhant loads of congratulations.
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Shaina_b 10 months ago Fantastic to have Sid do this!!!!

He is very versatile!!! But for me his role of Madhav Merchant is unforgettable!!!!

NidhiAS.Raizada 4 years ago IF rules are too overrated! now and then writers write articles that need not to be posted at first place...

And yes they are still in BW beacuse they are "brainless."

Words are knife they leave scar.
Preet.Kc 4 years ago I think the things pointed out are good but you should just have changed the name of your article. Yeah naming it beauty without brain is like calling people to throw tomatoes on you.
But I too agree that now a day's actress play the same roles, maybe for them it's a safe zone.
I like all of them but honesty speaking I'm bored to see them playing always the same type of roles.
Kat can do much much more now that she started speaking well in hindi, yeah I had seen all her films and she improved a lot from her first films.
Sonakshi she should play different type of roles, I liked her in dabaang, she was like a tigress. Even in Rowdy Rathor was good but after that the concept of her films is always the same.

The point is that they should take challenging roles. Like Kalki in her latest film Margarita With A Straw or like Priyanka in Burfi. Those are challenging roles and just than you got to see how much they are talented and appreciated them in a better way and not to forgot compare them righty with other actress of the moment.

Sevenstreaks 4 years ago Does Bollywood or anyother industry have places for Brainless ppl in their industry ...LOL...they have place for Smarter ones .2015-04-19 14:50:44
nuckts 4 years ago well i think they are not brainless as then how would they survive in bollywood
but i guess we all can excuse the writer of this post after all they also receive deadlines to fill up their page with random articles
and this one was one of the baseless lolzzz
SIZZZLER 4 years ago I think writer of this article is not aware with Bollywood conditions 4 'Female characters' n 'opportunities'. Its hilarious that,Writer of this Article is compering Tamannah n Daisy like new comers name with Katrina n Sonakshi.

@Article Writer : Please,do your home work properly before writing such thing for a social networking sites/forums n for your kind information Katrina signed 3 movies deal wid Yashraj. n She did YRF's "Mere Brother Ki Dulhan", "D:3" n "Jab Tak Hai Jaan" only b'coz of that deal.So,think logically that she was smart or 'brainless'?

This industry is not for 'Brainless' beauties. They have brain that's why,they are establish here.

I-F losing the standard only because of these kind of stupid article.2015-04-18 07:07:43
Lifez_Beautiful 4 years ago Brainless? I really didn't expect IF to call anyone by that name! Isn't it against the COC of this site?

Anyways I have a question... Based on what are you calling these ladies brainless? Based just on your opinion of the movie roles they chose? Because those roles didn't fit your criteria of good roles? Well all I can say is I'm sure these ladies have earned few lakhs / crores of money by doing those roles! The same roles in which you say that they have appeared for only few minutes doing nothing!

Now im sure they would have wisely invested that money for thier secure future.

So now I ask you, who would be brainless? A person who accepts the offer of a ton of money for just appearing for few minutes in a movie or rejecting it?

These ladies after securing their future can then concentrate on experimenting with other roles, if that is what they want because seriously who are we to dictate what others should want or do in their lives? Would you accept if someone told you that this is what you should be wanting to do?

So please change the title of the article, it is truly demeaning to whole gender!2015-04-18 07:35:35
rani-lucki 4 years ago if they didn't have brains then they wouldn't be in bollywood right now

you need a brain to survive in this industry

they clearly have a brain

please think before writing such pathetic articles

samicute 4 years ago How did you leave anushka, she had played same bubbly role in all her films except NH10

Joseph_A 4 years ago What a stupid article. Except Sonakshi Sinha others mentioned actress are not associated wid any Filmi background families.

Katrina n Jacueqline are in this position because,they know what are they doing here.They have language boundaries but,always gave their 100% in their all projects.

I think, Article writer was so hurry to put her thought in this stupid article. She/They should be chk Katrina carrier graph. Along wid 'Rajneeti' n 'New York', she did 'Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara' , 'Ek Tha Tiger' n 'Jab Tak Hai Jaan' too. D:3 n 'Bang Bang' did a record breaking business in Box office its means,Audience were also brainless who,liked these movies.

SRK/Salman/Aamir consider as Superstar but,they did so many stupid n brainless movies in their initial period.
2015-04-18 04:37:00
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