Shubh's vanvaas inches closer

In Colors’ Swarg, Shubh and Suhani will soon have to walk out of the house…

Rajan Shahi and Colors' Maat Pitaah Ke Charnon Mein Swarg has always been touted as the kalyug's Ramayan. Seems like the time has come for the contemporary Ram aka Shubh (played by Pracheen Chauhan) to leave his home.

According to our source, "The fact that Shubh has to leave the house is one of the core elements of Swarg. Now the big twist is about to take place with which the story would reach a very vital point. Shubh and Suhani will be separated from the family and they are forced to live separately."

Adds the source, "The TRPs of Swarg have been on a rise lately as it reaches the crucial turning point. The average TRP right now is 2.6 which is the highest so far. With the new twist the TRPs are only likely to get higher."

We spoke to Nikkhil Chadha who confirms the news saying, "Yes, it's true Shubh and Suhani will be forced to leave the house. Lolita is expecting right now and later a mishap occurs. Lolita, I and my mom blame her for the mishap. We create a scene and force her to go out of the house. Shubh stands by her and he too walks out."

Archana Taide who plays Suhani says, "Lolita has always been focused to get the entire family property. She plays many games to achieve that. She is carrying right now but in the coming days she will have a miscarriage and she blames Suhani entirely for that. Shubh is completely frustrated over the many insults aimed at his wife and he takes the decision to walk out."

The episode is tentatively slated to be aired next week.

Reporter: Susan Jose, Srividya Rajesh
Author: Susan Jose

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Comments (4)

i have been writing updates and i have a very strong feeling that this episode will be the most power packed....

14 years ago

i just love dis show.great family drama

14 years ago

This is nonsense...I want shubh to stand for his wife but leaving the house will totally proof her wrong...

Thanx for the article...

14 years ago

Atleast they'll get away from the random problems of the house, especially Lolita. Then they can also grow as a couple

14 years ago

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