Shruti Seth OWNS her awkward bra strap picture like a badass!

The gutsy actress embraces a wardrobe slip-up...

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Lipstick Under My Burkha was a smashing hit with the crowd and yesterday's success party was proof! 

Amongst other TV and Bollywood celebrities, we saw Shruti Seth made her presence known in a rather cringe-worthy manner. The TV Biwi Aur Main actress who is back on the screen after a long break alongside Karan Veer Mehra ended up having a major wardrobe blunder.

But, it didn't end the way you think it did! Paparazzi snapped her wearing a backless top with a t-shirt bra strap that was completely visible. And, the actress was quick to own it!
She captioned the picture 'guilty as charged' and made minor malfunctions like that a lot easier to deal with. 

She even thanked the photographer and made it known that this doesn't get to her at all. Instead of letting haters rain on her parade, she chose to flaunt her bare back and nailed it! 

With internet trolls all over, Shruti must have expected backlash and she made it clear that she'd have none of it! 

We like the guts on her and we don't think she needs anybody else's opinion on it. What do you think? 

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Comments (20)

How dare she reveal the secret protected with such sanctity by the girl code...that breasts are supported by anything other than sheer magic!

6 years ago

big deal , like honestly is this what news is on IF... Don't you guys got something better to put up...wat crap is this ...she showed off her bra ,a fashion trend it might lead to in india but everywhere else it already exists

6 years ago

What's so gutsy about it?

She got what she wanted :)

6 years ago

What is so cringe worthy about it?
" Shruti Seth made her presence known in a rather cringe-worthy manner "

There is nothing to be regarded as a malfunction if her bra straps were visible..media seriously needs to grow up.

6 years ago

Good for Shruthi! Nasty paps clicking unnecessary pics as if this doesnt ever happen to anyone else. Grow up people!

6 years ago

Bra is essential part of daily wear, why is it's presence a wardrobe malfunction!! Get over it people

6 years ago

Very gutsy! I like how she owns up to it. She looks pretty as ever too!

6 years ago

True dat. Beauty n talent comes in all sizes n I dont belive in size 0 theory. Bt still wid a bit bulkier size u tend 2 restricted 2 mature kind of roles only. U cant play schoolgal wid dat size bt yeah a healthy figure is always best.

10 years ago

size shouldn't matter...talent should.. but sadly many feel being small is best... size 0 is something which has a bad impact on younger generation who end up adapting bad habits to get that size 0 figure i.e. starving which is so unhealthy

10 years ago

Thank god for that! Curvaceous is better than size zero anyday!

10 years ago

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