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Shree gets closer to the mystery of past...

The story line of Zee's Shree will go into a flashback wherein the protagonist gets to know what had exactly happened in the family 10 years back...

Published: Thursday,Jun 18, 2009 12:52 PM GMT-06:00
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The story line of Zee's supernatural thriller, Shree produced by Hats Off Productions is poised for an interesting flashback wherein the protagonist Shree (Wasna Ahmed) gets to know all that happened 10 years back starting from marriage of Anant –Kangana, to Hari eloping with Kangana to the duo getting married!!

Shree gets closer to the mystery of past...
The present track focuses on Shree's struggle to save Hari from the clutches of the spirit Kangana. As a result of a pooja, Shree gets a cube which will guide her to the past.

According to our source, "The light from the cube makes a mark on the wall in Shree's room which later shows the drawing of the Mehasani mangalsutra. In the coming episodes, the wall will crack and will turn into a firewall. Kangana challenges Shree that if she enters the fire wall, she will be able to visualize what had exactly happened in the Raghuvanshi family 10 years back. But the fact remains that Shree cannot get out of the firewall alive. However, Shree accepts this challenge and enters the firewall to know the hidden secrets of Kangana".  

Starting next Monday, the story will go into a flashback where Shree sees before her the story of the past. "She visualizes the manner in which Kangana enters the Raghuvanshi house as Anant's wife. Her main motive is to get closer to Hari who she loves. She then starts mesmerizing Hari with the 'Vasheekaran Mantra' and with the help of this, she elopes with Hari. Shree also sees marriage taking place between Hari and Kangana at the Purani Haveli. This is the reason why Kangana keeps calling Hari in the present storyline to the Purani Haveli", adds our source.

This flashback will lead to an interesting phase where the viewers will be curious to know what exactly happened after Kangana got married to Hari. How do the Raghuvanshis react when they hear the news of Hari and Kangana marriage? What exactly led to the untimely death of Kangana that forced her to haunt the family as a spirit?

There is certainly more to the gripping flashback that haunts the married life of Shree and Hari… Stay tuned to Zee's Shree, to get all your answers…

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Masooma Bukhari @MasoomaBukhari 14 years ago Interesting!!! My mother always say me not to watch this show but its soooooooooooooo interesting that I cannot stop myself. I love shree and Bindya
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Angel @Angelskiss 14 years ago interesting... finally they are going to solve the whole mystery!
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bmtdluver @bmtdluver 14 years ago ooh, sounds really good!!

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Najmah @Fallen-Angel 14 years ago Thanx....this show is getting really interesting...
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Gursharan @Gur.N.cool 14 years ago this is one of the best show.
love how they r always coming up with something new
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srk_kadz @srk_kadz 14 years ago This is very interesting show... but I thot the coming track will show Hari free form vaheekaran... coz he has been unconscious for a while now..
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Leena @AfghanLeena 14 years ago the show very good and have very good storyline love the the show realy Hari and Shree rocks:)

Love Leena:)
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Mandy @mandy0310 14 years ago Thanks, glad the story is moving forward
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Devashree @devashree_h 14 years ago Well I hope Shree comes out of the firewall well and alive. But atleast the mystery we all are waiting for will be solved.
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Shruti @shruti 14 years ago The main question is how did Kangana died.
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