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Shraddha Kapoor Donates and Urges Everyone to Contribute Towards Rehabilitation of Animals

Shraddha's love for animals and her taking a stand for the safety of the animals is one of the reasons that she has garnered a massive fan following...

Shraddha Kapoor

Shraddha Kapoor has become the voice for the welfare of the animals. Time and again, the actress has come in full support for the well being of animals and the cruelty against them. Her social media handle has become the source of the many unknown facts and developments where the people resonate with her sensitivity towards the cause.

Taking to her social media, Shraddha posted a link for people to contribute as she donated, to set another example. She wrote, “Super urgent to donate to @phoebesfarm @justmanoor to continue doing their amazing work otherwise they will shut down ??. They have been rehabilitating animals and doing some incredible work. I have donated. Request you to do the same ??”

Shraddha Kapoor

Shraddha is an actress who has been kind and virtuous overall, especially when it comes to helping animals and being conscientious towards the environment in any possible way she can. Shraddha even brought an eco-friendly Ganpati home, this year. The actress has always shown her love towards animals and her recent poem for the animals on the feeling of being caged with #LockdownZoos spread like wildfire and was appreciated by everyone.

From helping the stray animals during these challenging times of lockdown to voicing her support towards other segments of the society, Shraddha is definitely one person who is carrying the baton for all-encompassing support. But, her sensitivity towards animals is something that is receiving appreciation from all across. The actress has multiple times even in the past stood up for their rights and lent her voice for their cause. 

Shraddha had also taken it upon herself to help the voiceless stray animals and donated to an NGO to feed and take care of the stray animals. During a recent Instagram live as well, Shraddha had urged her audiences to do their bit for saving the stray animals and feed them. 

The actress who is widely loved and enjoys a massive following on social media as well as real-life, has multiple times extended her hand of support to everyone and used her influence in the most positive way to create awareness.


Shraddha Kapoor

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