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Pyar Tune Kya Kiya  season 7 created quite a stir in the industry due to its hosts, Niti Taylor and Siddharth Gupta. To add to the list was its title track, ‘Parindey Ka Pagalpan’.The track was already in the news because its singer was none other than program head Vikas Gupta. Vikas has sung the male vocals, but we caught hold of the female singer. She is none other than the very talented Shivi R Gupta.

Read on to know more about what she has to say about the whole experience.

You recorded the song with Vikas Gupta. How was the experience working with him?

Vikas is really witty, intelligent and creative. It is always fun to work with him. As for the singing part, he is not a singer. And it is very important for a singer to give his whole and soul to a song. And that is exactly what Vikas did. This has been Vikas’ dream for a long time. One thing that I really admire in Vikas is the moment he walked into the studio, he handed himself over to me. He said, “I have no idea what to do.I am here to learn.”

What made you say yes to the song?

I have known Vikas for more than 2 years. And Vikas is extremely loyal in friendship. He will even take a bullet for you without thinking twice. As for the song, I had no idea who would the song be pictured upon. When vikas narrated the whole thing to me, I instantly said lets do it.

You’ve been in the industry for quite some time. How would you like to describe your whole journey?

The struggle has not yet ended. I am from a small town in Himachal. I came to Mumbai to become a singer when I was just 19 years old. I assisted other music directors like Sandesh Shandilya. He introduced me to Ketan Mehta and Deepa Sahi. I am very grateful to Sandesh Shandilya for introducing me. Otherwise no other music producer would refer another. This is a very competitive industry. You know, within the first 6 months of coming to Mumbai, I called up my mom and told her that I wanted to come back. It gets tough at times. There are good and bad people as well. But I even met lovely people.

Any revelation with regards to the song?

It was Vikas’s dream to do this song with Parth Samthaan. Infact we even had a chat group to discuss this. The group was named ‘Star in the Making’ by Vikas. He had picturised and conceptualized the whole song with Parth in mind. However, with all of these unfortunate incidents, the whole thing was scrapped. Vikas was very hurt. We can say that he channeled all of his heartbreak into this song and the outcome has been fabulous.

What is next in the line for you?

I have always been into composing for films. I composed 3 songs for a film called Dil Phire. And one of the songs that I composed was with Arijit Singh. He is a very lovely person. Has no airs about being a celebrated singer. As for television, ‘Parindey Ka Pagalpan’ was my television debut. After that, I have composed one song for the show, Meri Awaaz Hi Meri Pehchan Hai. I have composed for Savdhaan India as well.

Parth is turning a singer. As you both were to collaborate, any thoughts about that?

In the little interaction that I have had with him, I can say that Parth is a lovely guy. I am glad that it was Vikas’s dream to make Parth a singer and Parth is going along with that. I would like to wish him all the best. I would even like to collaborate with him if possible, in the near future. You know, one thing that I love about Vikas, is that after the whole fiasco surrounding Vikas and Parth happened, I sat down with him to talk about stuff in general. And all Vikas had to say about Parth was good stuff. He said very positive things about him. Its just that Parth is being misled by people in his life. Otherwise Parth is a lovely human being.

We wish Shivi good luck for all of her future ventures.

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Love you both!
Niti Taylor
Parth Samthaan

8 years ago

parth samthaan you are the best tv actor ever... love and respect for the one and only for parth

8 years ago

hai niti taylor miss you whole week mon to thu only friday we can see you just for few minutes not enough for our eyes love you a lot baby

8 years ago

Watching KYY and appreciating your flawlessness... Realizing that I love Manik more than any of the characters... And if any other actor had done it, I would have not loved it as much as I do! You are perfection! Love u Parth samthaan!Stay blessed hamesha!

8 years ago

My Shining Star Niti Taylor love to moon & back .. <3<3

8 years ago

Keep shining and keep smiling Parth Samthaan

8 years ago

Lostboy & his spoons should get lost :)

Love u Parth Samthaan..stay blessed

8 years ago

All the best for your future projects Parth Samthaan

8 years ago

Bhikku amd his spoons -_-

Keep shining Parth Samthaan

8 years ago

Parth Samthaan luv the attitude n the dedication to ur work. Gr8 going :)))

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