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Shivangi Khedkar on ongoing track of Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali: Something good and something different is coming

Shivangi Khedkar spoke to India Forums about the ongoing track of the show and assured that something good is in store.

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Shivangi Khedkar

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali on Star Plus has been witnessing constant twists and turns, with the latest being all the drama that is brewing up with Isha's return in Raghav (Sai Ketan Rao) and Pallavi's (Shivangi Kehdkar) life. However, while fans have been of mixed opinions about what is going on, Shivangi believes that this is going to be differe,t even though she was in shock as well.

Talking about the track and the response, she told India Forums, ''I think the new track is going to get good changes and people should wait, they should actually wait this time and it will be a big shocking change so I believe people should stick to their TVs. When I heard the track, I was not in place but I thought people will want to watch what follows, so yes.''

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There's always a third person between RaghVi as after Mandar, it's Isha now. We also asked her how will Pallavi react this time after Raghav's reaction from the past, and she tells us it will be different. She said, ''Well, it's definitely not going to be the same, and it is not the same track. Something good and something different is coming up, and of course, Pallavi is not negative, so that's not where it will go. It is not similar (to Raghav's reaction), and that's why I want people to see the track. It is not going to be somebody negative coming in, and it is going to be more about what are we going to do.''

With everything going on right now, and Sunny seemingly trying to create trouble after Raghav spent the night with Isha, it sure is going to be interesting to see where things go from here on.

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Vits 2 days ago Great actors shivangi and sai - nailing their scenes.
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Dhwani84 2 days ago How can they say its different after marriage one night stand then Mahan patni forgive. This show was different I thought but after today's episode cant tolerate anymore episode. Specially I was watching for raghav only but today I just hate him completely ruined character. Aise to jab bi piyega har ladies me pallavi ko dekhega fir pallavi ki jarurat kaha pike imagine kar lo.
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RadiantSpark 2 days ago What is actually new and what is actually different? The present track was shown in many shows few weeks back.
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