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Shivangi Joshi And Mother Reveal If Trolls Ever Made Her Feel Insecure

Shivangi Joshi and mother Yashoda Joshi shared if trolls or negativity ever affected them or made them feel insecure.


Shivangi Joshi is currently one of the biggest celebrities on television. Be it her acting prowess or her outspoken nature, Shivangi manages to leave a positive impression on anyone she speaks to. Shivangi and her mother Yashoda Joshi got talking about how much of a struggle it was for her mother and how did they brave it all to reach the position they are in today. Among other things, Shivangi's mother was asked if trolls or negativity ever affected her. 

"No. I don't pay attention to it at all. I believe people talk anyway, so, why bother with the explanation?" her mother asserted. Shivangi was asked if she ever felt insecure or bad when people commented on her weight because women especially actresses usually are exposed to various comments on how they look to everything else. 

A few months back on Instagram, a few users had commented on Joshi's weight. To this, Shivangi prompted, "No, it never made me feel insecure. I did read a few comments and honestly, I did feel bad once or twice but I don't ponder over it so much. I love myself. I think we all should do that and accept ourselves and I think it is just beautiful."

She continued, "I think it was not trolling but someone had commented on a little weight gain. It is good to stay fit but I think it is natural to gain a bit and lose later. I don't give importance to such things so much."


Shivangi Joshi

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