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Shiv & Priyanka are toughest competitors; great to see them at loggerheads: Shiv’s sister Manisha Thakare

Bigg Boss 16 contestant Shiv Thakare's sister Manisha Thakare talks about her brother's game plan and more.

Published: Wednesday,Nov 09, 2022 13:58 PM GMT-07:00
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Shiv-Manisha and Priyanka and Shiv

Bigg Boss 16 is getting quite interesting. The contestants are slowly and steadily coming out of their comfort zones and going all out in the game. Friends, family members and well-wishers of the contestants are also coming out in the support of their favourite housemate.

India Forums got in touch with Shiv Thakare’s sister Manisha Thakare and quizzed her about Shiv’s game play in the show. We asked her about the conversation she had with Shiv before he headed to the Bigg Boss 16 house. Manisha said, “Well, initially, when Shiv did Bigg Boss Marathi, he was informed way before so he had time to prep up in terms of packing his lagguage and everything else but this time around he was signed only a couple of days before. He made a point to visit to our home town to seek our mothers’ blessings. We didn’t really get the time to talk much. I told him to see a few of the episodes of previous seasons so that he can have an understanding of the show but Shiv always maintained that he will not see the previous episodes as it may influence him and make him be what he is not. He told me that he will enter the house just the way he is and will play the game being his real self”.

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She added, “Shiv has founded some real friends in the house. He has not made alliances, rather he has made ‘friends’ in the truest form. His bonds with Sajid, Stan and Nimrit are pure. He is very respectful towards the elders and makes sure to treat them with love, warmth and affection. In the house, Sajid is that elder member that Shiv respects to the core and often does his work as well and this trait of Shiv is sometime presumed as being in Sajid’s good books but that’s not the case”.

We asked Manisha about Shiv’s constant fights with Priyanka. She said, “I think Shiv and Priyanka are two of the strongest players and it is fireworks when they are at loggerheads as both have very strong view points and opinions. I would want to see Shiv, Priyanka, Abdu and MC Stan in the finale”.

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